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26 tweets for 2009-1-28

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Wednesday, 0021: I've adjusted fairly well to "this is 2009". I am not used to "2010 is next year".
  • Wednesday, 0028: @afuna At a guess, 28 days ago.
  • Wednesday, 0029: @semanticist I know LoudTwitter grabs I think the status-links and the in-reply-to links. Would that be possible to duplicate for context?
  • Wednesday, 1120: @museumfreak X-Files/crip essay I think you might dig:
  • Wednesday, 1121: @rickybuchanan Friend of mine has a custom script that works a little less obnoxiously than LT: set to cut after 5. I want to archive on LJ.
  • Wednesday, 1123: @malerin Not send people data on your privates?
  • Wednesday, 1134: @scapwell I think the poodle is an equal-opportunity humper. Though Deacon did not previously lick other dogs' dicks so much.
  • Wednesday, 1137: Process for the morning: go through possibilities, grab zip code, see if it's reasonable, apply.
  • Wednesday, 1146: @scapwell At least enticed, if not corrupted. But Deacon is a shameless hedonist in any case. ...And probably invading the kitchen.
  • Wednesday, 1456: "Poodle, stop humping" count today: 1. The gardener putting stuff in a trash can is an international incident according to the dogs.
  • Wednesday, 1531: Race Imbroglio '09 *good* spinoff: discussion about cross-site identity validation, and sockpuppetry. (re: flamewar, not re: race.)
  • Wednesday, 1534: "Cello scrotum" condition a hoax:
  • Wednesday, 1553: @nudaydreamer CONGRATULATIONS
  • Wednesday, 1554: refried paper != refried beans. (refried paper is not warm on the feet at first but then you realize you're on the carpet.) (shawn story)
  • Wednesday, 1609: "the only way that one can be seen to be born again is never to stumble" (race imbroglio)
  • Wednesday, 1616: (and Az, that last link is one you *really* don't want to read.)
  • Wednesday, 1724: Tay-Tay called! Yay!
  • Wednesday, 1738: I'm at Fort Funston -
  • Wednesday, 1825: @afuna You said it! <3
  • Wednesday, 1825: I'm at Pacifica -
  • Wednesday, 1826: @tangowildheart There was vigorous discussion in #dw. "think of refried beans!" someone said.
  • Wednesday, 1829: @earwormhole I seem to have "Who By Fire" in my head. Leonard Cohen for the win!
  • Wednesday, 2119: @mayerman Soaking is good. I recommend a damp-to-wet washcloth if you can't pour water on it and leave it soaking.
  • Wednesday, 2153: When #ohnotheydidnt goes down, LJ notices. Ops are on it. (What an exciting Wednesday night.)
  • Wednesday, 2233: OMG hahahaha #ohnotheydidnt RAN OUT OF ROOM FOR COMMENTS you guys. 16,777,215 is 2^24; that's the space in the relevant DB field.
  • Wednesday, 2234: my bad, it's a little different but that's the problem. architecture. wow.

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