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20 tweets for 2009-1-30

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Friday, 0004: I'm at Mission St & 16th St -
  • Friday, 0022: I'm at Daly City -
  • Friday, 0043: I'm at Pacifica -
  • Friday, 0058: @sleevewornheart An IRC channel I'm in has a hellbot. I sent the dude there; it returned @teshiron's statements of the obvious.
  • Friday, 0102: Had to pull another danged dog hair out of the sole of my foot. This makes 2. Ow.
  • Friday, 0132: W/T/F FRIENDSPAGE (watchpage?) IS LOADING!!!!!!!!!!
  • Friday, 0145: Random Word hEll just lost the game.
  • Friday, 0148: I'm all exhausted today. I blame the job fair.
  • Friday, 1037: Obama worm "Find your smartest, geekiest, dweebiest kid, and look hard at him."
  • Friday, 1041: (NSFW) Spelling failure:
  • Friday, 1052: NASA water-recycling-in-space takes the piss from El Reg:
  • Friday, 1200: @maidenx Yeah, seriously. Profiteers got into exploits and like everything they get into, there goes the lighthearted fun.
  • Friday, 1815: Poodle, stop humping count today: 3.
  • Friday, 1822: I'm at Pacifica -
  • Friday, 2026: That hit me in my ethics, and now I'm appalled and cranky. (@intrepia, you're just the messenger, not blaming you AT ALL.)
  • Friday, 2152: @afuna Security By Obscurity is against my religion. It's really a religious issue, not just a matter of good practice! I was surprised.
  • Friday, 2156: Useful word to know:
  • Friday, 2207: Planned #livejournal downtime:
  • Friday, 2222: ... yes, I do seem to be spending my evening seeing if I can learn to sign bits of "Somebody Told Me".
  • Friday, 2231: @gameboyguy13 It is! It was also one of my comfort songs in 2005. And also "not confidential; I've got potential" has a good hand-feel

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