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17 tweets for 2009-1-31

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Saturday, 0937: @kestrelct His mom and my dad are sisters.
  • Saturday, 0938: @gameboyguy13 I thought it was "your boyfriend might be transgendered"/"my ex-girlfriend might be transgendered"
  • Saturday, 1237: I'm at Stockton -
  • Saturday, 1310: Don't tell Kevin but John Mayer's music is growing on me.
  • Saturday, 1417: @teshiron I like some of his songs, now, and he no longer gives me the "creepy dad that I don't want to be alone with" vibe quite so much.
  • Saturday, 1433: @omnivorously I'm femme enough to enjoy subverting gender roles like that.
  • Saturday, 1612: I'm at Stockton -
  • Saturday, 1817: Rah threw peanuts at me. I made peanut butter, spread on JD, and notified JD's Boy. (well, the Boy got off the phone just as I was saying.)
  • Saturday, 1955: @androshd AF always sounds like so much fun.
  • Saturday, 1957: Yeah, I must be a grownup. For recreation I drive 90 miles one way to ... go work on docs with my little bro.
  • Saturday, 1958: ... and I get excited that I have theoretical access to new and more interesting forms of documentation ability.
  • Saturday, 2101: I am not your gameboy.
  • Saturday, 2207: Mmmm fettucini alfredo out of a box, plus nicely browned ground beef with garlic and slightly caramelized onion to make it taste like food.
  • Saturday, 2228: ... no, seriously, "what is your name?" or "to whom shall I autograph this" should not provoke a major existential crisis. (It does for me.)
  • Saturday, 2304: In flouring a cake pan, floured face, glasses, hair, cleavage, shirt, and skirt. Physics fail.
  • Saturday, 2346: @ataniell93 The pan was completely floured. So was I. But JD helped deflour me.
  • Saturday, 2348: @ataniell93 Names are really hard. I have a sentimental attachment to the name my parents tagged me with but I only use it for family & work

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