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Azure Jane Lunatic

Userdoc party: huge success

Userdoc-type links that I was using today, lots

So I drove to jai_dit's for a lj_userdoc party. We started in on status-pending stuff pretty much as soon as I showed up around noon. We took a break at 3:45 to run errands. We eventually made dinner (it involved fettuccine alfredo out of a box, plus ground beef, garlic (powdered), and slightly-caramelized (and slightly scorched) onions, and green beans (I insisted that we needed a vegetable). Back to userdoc. Then there was cake. It was delicious and moist.

I had a bad physics moment trying to equalize the distribution of flour on the cake pan.

Azz covered in flour.

JD and cake: delicious and moist!


Chocolate cake, lemon frosting. Does that make it a lemon party?

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