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20 tweets for 2009-2-2

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Monday, 0003: a "reserve this space for Reamfest" is now on my calendar for 2010. (DW plans.)
  • Monday, 0010: @amyty Head tags nested inside body tags? (Can't claim that: it's from a User Friendly comic.)
  • Monday, 0038: I seem to be up too late, but I got thinky-thoughts about my characters and their sexualities started.
  • Monday, 0046: @amyty Mostly they AMBUSH ME with unexpected revelations. I will never stop snickering at the Raistlin/Crysania pr0n one from Mike.
  • Monday, 0047: @amyty (When pressed for details about something, he mumbled but I could make out some things.) (They talk to me. I should be scared.)
  • Monday, 1043: Pants malfunction for Superbowl cable viewers:
  • Monday, 1043: Book covers! For movies!
  • Monday, 1145: @marcelle42 You didn't know that it was? In college I was somewhat ashamed of that, since COBOL was so very loathed.
  • Monday, 1202: @semanticist Bacon is more often seen with baked potatoes, but I don't know that it *wouldn't* go with mashed potatoes.
  • Monday, 1207: Reading "Say Goodnight to Insomnia". Amazon reviewer: "condescending, overly perky, and ... writing for an IQ level of about 87." Heh.
  • Monday, 1257: "Poodle, stop humping" count today so far: 3. Unknown, UPS, and residual from UPS.
  • Monday, 1537: Ooo, exciting. February '10 Baen Universe, "Shuffle Up & Deal", Denise McCune. I AM SO THERE.
  • Monday, 1545: *dies laughing* My GM has just described a character as "klutzy like the love child of
    Bella Swan and Inspector Clouseau" SO TRUE OMG
  • Monday, 1805: I'm at Fort Funston -
  • Monday, 1908: I'm at Pacifica -
  • Monday, 2010: @emptybackpack Yay!
  • Monday, 2019: Explained the concept that an observed expert doing the same thing as an unobserved novice works better -- my aunt was having phone problems
  • Monday, 2031: la la la I'm antsy. Green, supergreen.
  • Monday, 2034: Reading the Arcata Eye
  • Monday, 2115: I seem to be exhausted all of a sudden.

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