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#dw: JD goes shopping. Nachos ensue. (NSFW text.) (all friends)

Context: JD's parents are coming for graduation, but are worried about Catching The Ghey from San Francisco.

14:15 V_PauAmma_V (to JD) You should arrange it so they come during Folsom Street Fair. Just gay would probably be a relief for them. :-)
14:16 JD they're coming for graduation :P
14:16 JD also, i'm not taking my nine-year-old sister to folsom street
14:16 V_PauAmma_V (to JD) Ah yes, point.
14:16 julietk it would be educational for her!
14:17 JD it would, but my parents would *kill* me.
14:17 JD also, uh. i don't want to have to deal with the questions
14:17 julietk coward :)
14:18 JD i'm not going to explain bdsm and leather when i'm not sure i fully understand everything myself :p
14:19 JD anyway isn't a lot of that 18+?
14:21 kat_fw woah, bad time to check back in chat
14:22  Azz|inhEll is good at explaining things!
14:23 Azz|inhEll "sometimes grown-ups like to play silly games, sort of like dress-up and Mercy."
14:28  kat_fw once saw a sex ed book describe sex as a "special cuddle"
14:28 xb95 haha
14:29 xb95 I suppose it's true.
14:29 chasethestars haha
14:29 chasethestars isn't the cuddling part what happens after?
14:29 xb95 I dunno, I just go to sleep.
14:29 xb95 (kidding)
14:30 kat_fw I dunno, I go and check my email
14:30 kat_fw and update LJ
14:31 Azz|inhEll pro tip: don't update LJ *during*.
14:31 Azz|inhEll >_>
14:31 Azz|inhEll <_<
14:31 kat_fw why not?
14:31 chasethestars same goes for gaming
14:32 kat_fw tip: don't answer your phone during, especially if it's your mother. Bad times!
14:32 phoenix o_o
14:33 Sophie Logic tells me that if you're the sort of person who would update *anything* while having sex, it would be Twitter, not LJ. >_>
14:33  xb95 something about 140 characters not being long enough.
14:34 chasethestars "having sex" is within the character limit
14:34 JD hahaha
14:34 Sophie I think Mark was making a pun on "not long enough" ;p
14:34 JD obligatory xkcd link:
14:35 phoenix I wonder what's the longest online communication made while having (physical, not cyber) sex
14:35 JD phoenix, i've heard there's people who play wow during :p
14:35 UrsaMajor and most comprehendable?
14:35 phoenix ...
14:35 phoenix that's just disturbing
14:35 phoenix dnw
14:35 JD uh huh
14:35 JD anyway, so. groceries time!
14:35 JD is there anything i should buy, dear channel
14:35 UrsaMajor i mean, i can't type when i'm *drunk*
14:35 kat_fw my ex kept trying to persuade me to have sex whilst using irc
14:35 UrsaMajor NUTELLA
14:36 phoenix bread?
14:36 Sophie That makes me wonder if they go "Ding!" when... yeah.
14:36 JD i think we have nutella but i'll check. bread's on the list
14:36 kat_fw Pasta. Cheese.
14:36 chasethestars ice cream
14:36 UrsaMajor i don't think i'd even be able to type a coherent word in the midst of sex
14:36 chasethestars and milk
14:36 kat_fw vegetables!
14:36 JD yes, yes, yes, yes.
14:36 chasethestars then mix in your new blender
14:36 JD and ew.
14:36 JD ohh, stacey, good point
14:36 Azz|inhEll depends on how good the sex is
14:36 UrsaMajor though that reminds me of the craigslist ad someone on my flist posted about awhile back
14:37 JD we have the minty stuff that azz needs to come over and help finish, but not like, vanillay stuff
14:37 Azz|inhEll yes, vegetables
14:37 UrsaMajor where some guy wanted to do someone while playing super mario brothers
14:37 Azz|inhEll ohhhh that one
14:37 chasethestars i like minty stuff
14:37 UrsaMajor and specific things had to happen exactly, like coming at the fireworks, and there had to be six fireworks
14:37 JD i have frozen green beans, but that's it
14:37 JD i don't want to get much more because they'll go bad before i use them :p
14:38 kat_fw Ursa: I saw that
14:38 Azz|inhEll How often does JD eat vegetables?
14:38 julietk JD: buy chocolate!
14:38 UrsaMajor I want to find that one again because I need to show it to some people for proof that this kind of insanity exists *G*
14:38 chasethestars more often than me probably >_>
14:38 UrsaMajor but i don't think it made best of craigslist and got taken down instead :(
14:38 JD azz: not often enough. heh. unless tomato counts as a vegetable.
14:38 JD julietk- i did, yesterday :D
14:38  julietk is also going grocery shopping later & can provide her own grocery list :)
14:38 Azz|inhEll
14:38 julietk JD: buy more chocolate!
14:39 Azz|inhEll Ursie: google: craigslist, mario, sex
14:39 Azz|inhEll The tomato, despite its legal status, is a fucking fruit.
14:39 UrsaMajor azz: hahahaha, oh my *G*
14:39 chasethestars "also able to fake an orgasm is a plus. "
14:39 kat_fw can tomatoes fake orgasms?
14:39 Sophie Azz: I didn't--- gah, bunnehed by Kat.
14:39 kat_fw y'know, it being a fucking fruit and all
14:39  *** JD is now known as JD|out
14:40 julietk a friend of mine was keen on the idea of getting a blowjob whilst watching football (soccer), on the grounds that football & sex = Best Things Ever. But apparently it didn't actually work out well because he couldn't concentrate properly on either.
14:40  Azz|inhEll does not make obvious joke
14:40 Azz|inhEll re: fruit
14:40  Azz|inhEll ducks
14:40 Sophie julietk: He couldn't keep an eye on his balls?
14:40 julietk heh :)
14:41  Sophie stops now.
14:41 Azz|inhEll a former associate (AK-47 Guy) put forth the idea of doggy-style nachoes.
14:41 xb95 I, er, what? Mental picture fail.
14:42 Azz|inhEll the idea being the nachos are served on her back.
14:42 Sophie I'm not sure I *want* a mental picture.
14:42 Azz|inhEll but then, this *is* AK-47 Guy we're talking about here.
14:42 chasethestars wow, that mario one is super detailed and planned out
14:42 xb95 oh! now that's an interesting idea.
14:43 chasethestars ..which one?
14:43 Azz|inhEll (AK-47 Guy = nuts in a "D has forbidden us to speak to him again" dangerous sort of way)
14:43 xb95 so the hardest part for all of this is finding a suitable volunteer, really. I mean, Janine's pretty awesome and indulges things, but she'd probably draw some lines at 'nachoes on her back'.
14:44 chasethestars and she wouldn't draw the line at someone else doing it? :p
14:44 kat_fw why nachoes?
14:44 kat_fw that is...oddly specific
14:44 exor674 xb95: heh, if you were a girl, and I could have some nachos too......
14:45 xb95 chasethestars: minor detail.
14:45 Azz|inhEll He was of the opinion that that's the ultimate position, and that's the ultimate food.
14:45 Azz|inhEll combine the two!
14:46 xb95 maybe it's just me, but there's no way those nachos would stay put
14:46 kat_fw but I like cheese, and I like strawberries, yet cheese and strawberry sandwiches are really fucking wrong
14:46 chasethestars strawberry cream cheese is quite good though
14:47 julietk strawberries & a nice blue cheese might work OK. Like dessert wine or port & blue cheese
14:49 chasethestars cheese and crackers on someone's back isn't that far off from nachos
14:49 chasethestars xb95: super glue
14:49 chasethestars or being really really really gentle and still. but where's the fun in that?
14:49 xb95 yeah, no fun in that.
14:50 Azz|inhEll super glue
14:50 chasethestars that was actually a bad suggestions, in more ways than one
14:50 Azz|inhEll (and probably a tarp)
14:51 chasethestars even if the bowl stayed in place, the chips would still bounce out
14:51 domtheknight do it in the shower, for easy cleanup
14:51 domtheknight you could get knee pads
14:51  *** niq joined #dw
14:53  *** john quit (Connection reset by peer)
14:54 Azz|inhEll or maybe if you spread the nacho cheese out as a layer on her back, and then put down the chips?
14:54 kat_fw orrrr, melt the cheese
14:55 Azz|inhEll though that would make it a little more candle wax territory than vanilla
14:55 Azz|inhEll depending how hot the cheese was
14:55 xb95 I don't think nacho-doggy-style is very vanilla.
14:56 chasethestars i thought vanilla was just missionary and nothing else?
14:56 Azz|inhEll there's relative vanilla.
14:57 Azz|inhEll doggy style is still vanilla compared to cuffs and hot wax
14:58 xb95 yeah I think it's definitely degrees.
14:58 Azz|inhEll which itself is vanilla compared to CBT and electrostim
14:59 xb95 I'm good without the CBT thx
14:59 V_PauAmma_V And bladework.
14:59 UrsaMajor just don't go alton brown anal on it
14:59 UrsaMajor ... um. all I saw was nachos. I missed the sex references altogether.
15:00 isabeau *snerk*
15:00 phoenix hahahhaah
15:00 UrsaMajor if you've seen his good eats episode where he makes nachos, you know what i'm talking about!
15:00 kat_fw anal?
15:01 kat_fw erm
15:01 UrsaMajor "first, you spread the chips out in an even layer. then you sprinkle the meat and cheese on in precise dollops. then you top each chip Just So with a slice of jalapeno
15:01 Azz|inhEll *diiiiies*
15:01 kat_fw did you mean to say that in this conversation?
15:01 Azz|inhEll
15:01 UrsaMajor kat: i didn't realize there was sex involved until afterwards *G*
15:01 isabeau kat, hence the um :D
15:01 xb95 kat_fw: yes, anal retentive, like, very precise
15:01 kat_fw no, no, I know - but I found it funny in context
15:01 isabeau er, no. I mean, it was deliberate, but not in context
15:02  UrsaMajor giggles
15:02 UrsaMajor it was completely deliberate, but without regard to context *G*
15:02 Azz|inhEll I'm not sure how much harder I can actually *laugh* here.
15:02 V_PauAmma_V (to UrsaMajor) There's context in this channel other than sex?
15:02 isabeau occasionally
15:03 UrsaMajor sometimes!
15:03 UrsaMajor also, i have no idea what his aluminum balls are supposed to do
15:03 isabeau spacing, I think
15:03 isabeau I kind of wtfed over that
15:03 isabeau (and ... aluminum balls. just sayin'.)
15:03 Azz|inhEll be lighter than his brass ones?
15:04 V_PauAmma_V (to UrsaMajor) Is rhar the hightech version of br... bunnehed.
15:04  UrsaMajor snickers.
15:04 UrsaMajor my nachos recipe: much simpler!
15:04 xb95 doesn't require a female?
15:05 xb95 well, I suppose you could use a male oo
15:05 UrsaMajor buy bag of chips! put in tin pie plate! grate cheese over it! put it in the oven!
15:05 UrsaMajor when they emerge, have sour cream and salsa or guac available!
15:05 Azz|inhEll Oh, I see.
15:05  UrsaMajor giggles at mark
15:05 Azz|inhEll They're shelf-holders.
15:05 Azz|inhEll it's for a triple-decker nacho baking experience.
15:06  UrsaMajor still says it's anal *G*
15:06 Azz|inhEll as opposed to the triple-decker doggy-style nacho experience?
15:07 UrsaMajor the furthest i'd go is making 1 layer of chips in the pie plate, then a layer of cheese, then *another* layer of chips and cheese
15:10 Azz|inhEll He seems to think that the way to go is baking them in separate layers, then combining them, for maximum crispness. Or something.
15:10 V_PauAmma_V (to Azz|inhEll) FRTA "soggy-style nacho experience".
15:11  *** niq quit (Ping timeout)
15:12 Azz|inhEll I'd think that any preparation of nachos in combination with sex would involve a "GET THOSE CRUMBS OUT OF MY BED!!" experience
15:13 Azz|inhEll although soggy nachos might alleviate that.
15:13  *** legojen joined #dw
15:17 UrsaMajor speaking of anal nachos, hi jen!
15:18 kat_fw nacho crumbs are the new glitter then
15:18 UrsaMajor apparently! i wonder if whatsisface rathboone has them all over himself
15:19 Azz|inhEll "nacho crumbs on the highway" just does not have the same ring.
15:21  *** rb joined #dw
15:23 Azz|inhEll hi, rb!
15:23 rb Hihi!
15:24 Sophie Hi!
15:25 V_PauAmma_V (to UrsaMajor) I take it that's not a typo for Basil Rathbone?
15:25 UrsaMajor no, i'm thinking of the twilight vampire, iirc
15:25  rb heard there were NSFW discussions here, so I woke up.
15:25 xb95 you like nachos?
15:25 UrsaMajor the one who's gonna play Inuit Sokka as a whiteboy with a tan and a shaved head
15:26 V_PauAmma_V (to UrsaMajor) Uh?
15:26 UrsaMajor rb: heeee, only when it comes to alton brown's anal nachos!
15:26 kat_fw've ruined nachos for me


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