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25 tweets for 2009-2-8

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Sunday, 0916: Poodle: stop humping! count from yesterday: 2. Arriving at the dog park is exciting! Arriving at the video rental shop is exciting!
  • Sunday, 0919: Poodle: stop humping! count so far today: 1. There was some form of disturbance near the door that required barking and humping.
  • Sunday, 0946: Trying almond milk in the coffee. I have helpfully dated the box in the refrigerator with opening date, as these things can be ambiguous.
  • Sunday, 1155: @davidalexanderm Start worrying.
  • Sunday, 1156: @davidalexanderm (That is to say, I will say "Om nom nom" in place of "that sounds delicious" or "I'd eat that".)
  • Sunday, 1157: @omnivorously There was an outburst of "It's CANON!" from @ataniell93, @jamoche, and me, and squeeing.
  • Sunday, 1206: @davidalexanderm No need to get accusative ;) -- also see the note from @semanticist about his & @elance's face-to-face use.
  • Sunday, 1253: Got sent to Random Word hEll for suggesting that ?earth=flat should be used instead of ?view=flat on LJ comments.
  • Sunday, 1336: I picked up the old-fashioned habit of coding "et cetera" as "&c" from old books. In the internet age, this may be mistaken as an entity.
  • Sunday, 1338: Great. Thanks to Syne, I have "Comfort Eagle" stuck in my head too. He is calling you DUDE.
  • Sunday, 1415: Lecturing @gameboyguy13 on proper use of floor space (i.e., not as a file drawer).
  • Sunday, 1453: dying laughing over the discussion of implementation methods for doggy-style nachos in #dw (vastly nsfw discussion in there, omg) ahaha
  • Sunday, 1513: (this is madness. Alton Brown has been invoked.)
  • Sunday, 1529: Poodle may have something stuck in his craw?
  • Sunday, 1610: I'm at Fort Funston -
  • Sunday, 1617: Windy day. The guy with parrots is here. Hang gliders & ravens out in force - Fort Funston, San Francisco, CA, -
  • Sunday, 1642: Don't throw your dog a ball in the parking lot, you nitwit. - Fort Funston, San Francisco, CA, -
  • Sunday, 1655: "Poodle, stop humping!" count today: 3. Post office & grocery stores both major events.
  • Sunday, 1713: I'm at Pacifica -
  • Sunday, 1825: Put Dawn into shock by summarizing last SPN for her at her request.
  • Sunday, 2050: The command for Get your poodly tail up the ramp! is Scramble.
  • Sunday, 2214: OK, that line of conversation is somewhat bizarre. Why yes, it is a good wholesome activity.
  • Sunday, 2315: @scapwell I think it's rare to have both in the same person.
  • Sunday, 2336: @afuna I'm scared to watch Steve Martin Pink Panther movies. I'm afraid they won't do the originals justice. Note: originals problematic :(
  • Sunday, 2344: @afuna You should be aware going in that given the era some have cringeworthy racial slurs, although hilarious plot & hilarious slapstick.

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