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46 tweets for 2009-2-15

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Sunday, 0117: There's something squeaking in the general area of the living room. I'm not sure what it is.
  • Sunday, 0129: OK, the squeaking is less unnerving now that I know exactly how hard it is blustering out there.
  • Sunday, 0134: @teshiron Less likely than something wind-related, given that there are two large hungry dogs in the house.
  • Sunday, 0152: ... the dog bed sheets will have to be replaced, as the poodle has *dug a hole* in one.
  • Sunday, 0254: Poodle vs. dog bed:
  • Sunday, 0329: zzzz
  • Sunday, 0329: (and OMG, the wind is incredible. I'm a little scared that something will break.)
  • Sunday, 0821: Dreamed about tidal waves breaking over the house (which was strong enough to withstand them but Things were Moved. Still raining now.
  • Sunday, 0822: 2 incompatible but unfortunately often combined ends of the canine digestive system brought us this morning's INCREDIBLE SMELL. >_<
  • Sunday, 0841: @semanticist Yeah, a bit.
  • Sunday, 0849: Dogs are fed, after a delay due to cleaning needs.
  • Sunday, 0850: Someone, probably Deacon, founds some Very Tasty Treats in the 2 minutes they were out to pee in the yard first thing this morning.
  • Sunday, 0851: Nature's Miracle is a helpful product that my aunt buys in bulk thanks to the everyday trials of dog ownership & Deacon's Poo Snack tropism.
  • Sunday, 0912: @TheDivineGoat The Engineer tried his hand at smutfic the other night.
  • Sunday, 0917: I have concluded that the squeaking seems to be some tree or other being scraped on the glass of the greenhouse-porch by the wind.
  • Sunday, 0931: Via @thedivinegoat, "Most Likely Kill You in the Morning", possible tissue advisory.
  • Sunday, 0958: I have "Genie in a Bottle" stuck in my head. Again.
  • Sunday, 1002: "Poodle: stop humping!" count for yesterday: 1. Today: 1 so far, someone walking by on the sidewalk.
  • Sunday, 1008: Oh, Doctor. (This is why Shawn hated introducing me to his latest squeeze.)
  • Sunday, 1023: This is a gorgeous music video for "Apologize":
  • Sunday, 1034: @semanticist Had an idea that might be beyond the scope of your importer -- expand tinyurl-ed links on import. /me a basket of bright ideas
  • Sunday, 1035: WTF hail. (From the sky, you silly Sith. :-P )
  • Sunday, 1040: My OpenID account on Dreamwidth is single-digit. (I don't have an Actual Account because I'm not in this wave of beta.)
  • Sunday, 1113: Yay, I reconciled Book 1's 1-paragraph mention of Star with Star as seen in Book 3.
  • Sunday, 1128: @gameboyguy13 *snerk*
  • Sunday, 1141: @coffeechica As a former phone goon, I find that Plantronics makes fine equipment though I have never used that with Skype.
  • Sunday, 1205: ... the world is officially a small place. Savil's mom knows Ro.
  • Sunday, 1207: @irohawk, it turns out someone you work with is the mom of one of my middle school/high school best buddies. We reviewed a book on Amazon.
  • Sunday, 1208: @irohawk when she was Googling you she noticed that we'd reviewed the same book. She mentioned the field you were in, and I asked was it you
  • Sunday, 1445: @emptybackpack Nothin'. Earlier it was memcache woes.
  • Sunday, 1447: @semanticist That's not awesome at all.
  • Sunday, 1452: @amyty And to make things better, lots of them use automated tools without oversight, making them no better than bots. Spoilsports.
  • Sunday, 1453: OK, I'm going to break down. @ataniell93, may I borrow Twilight? My friend just convinced me to read it for the characterization.
  • Sunday, 1502: @ataniell93 The latter is instant-gratification and won't get wet! <3 She said one of the boys might as well be a high school buddy, and HEE
  • Sunday, 1643: @llbbooks It's like a super-powered version of any given minty sports rub you could name.
  • Sunday, 1651: @sleevewornheart I've used it for a long time. @llbbooks has never tried it!
  • Sunday, 1757: @llbbooks Does do that?
  • Sunday, 1758: @llbbooks And I'm guessing your phone doesn't allow direct text messages to Twitter?
  • Sunday, 1826: So help me, if I catch someone using a get-followers fucking Twitter pyramid scheme, they are fucking blocked assuming I have spare time to.
  • Sunday, 2040: Aunt back. Also uncle and cousin as the weather was not good for skiing.
  • Sunday, 2040: Made edamame. Deacon got a big ol' mouthful of the shells off the counter. He hasn't been fed. Ever. (He lies.)
  • Sunday, 2110: @llbbooks Not on my list, but someone who started following me was bitching out someone for using some horrid service.
  • Sunday, 2154: @seananmcguire Double sestinas are loooong. The rain is much less violent tonight than it was last night.
  • Sunday, 2156: My uncle is ginormously tall and skinny. My aunt is teenyteenyshort. They are tangoing (and arguing about technique) in the family room.
  • Sunday, 2157: Choice tango practice quotes include "BUT MY LEGS ARE SHORT!!" and "Are you just fucking around?!", from aunt and uncle respectively. <3
  • Sunday, 2211: Companies hire people to listen every bloody day. They call it customer service, then don't actually listen.

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