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17 tweets for 2009-2-21

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Saturday, 1610: @davidalexanderm The unprintable in review of the unwatchable?
  • Saturday, 1636: @amyty Oh, good, I was going to suggest something of the sort, some sort of containment method.
  • Saturday, 1722: Replacing key bits of FAQ titles with "pants", or translating them into equivalent pants-related silliness.
  • Saturday, 1752: I'm starting to like Jacob already.
  • Saturday, 1759: The blank does not bother me, because I lived through a couple major depressive episodes in high school. They are like that.
  • Saturday, 1813: Oh, goodness, you idiot, Bella. Hooray for the teenage brain. (re: Adrenaline)
  • Saturday, 1818: OMG, that was *exactly* the strategy that good ol' Bugs employed. Ahahaha, Jacob.
  • Saturday, 1822: Ahahahaha oh teenaged werewolf angst.
  • Saturday, 1907: Teenagers (as illustrated by Edward Cullen etc.) are idiots.
  • Saturday, 1924: I'm clearly on Team Mike. :D
  • Saturday, 2102: Still looking for job. I am a fabulous moderator and know the difference between dissent and flaming, and moderate my friends too.
  • Saturday, 2200: @ataniell93 Edward creeps me out beyond belief. I dated a Jacob freshman year of high school, and OMG NO NEVER AGAIN EVER. Therefore, Mike.
  • Saturday, 2204: @ataniell93 Good for her, maybe, but SSC they're not.
  • Saturday, 2214: @ataniell93 She's a little too close to home for me to have anything but a creeping horror for any of her options.
  • Saturday, 2216: @ataniell93 For myself, actually maybe Charlie!
  • Saturday, 2218: Ow. Stomach, wtf is your problem? You have been fed.
  • Saturday, 2227: @ataniell93 Mine usually behaves. Ow.

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