Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

about my default userpic (puns, plus sausage)

22:32 Azz it is basically a sausage wrapped in bacon.
22:32 chasethestars that doesn't sound like a heart attack-y slice
22:32 Azz a, um, big sausage.
22:32 JD that's what he said
22:32 Azz and the 2nd one was maybe 1/4 inch
22:32 chasethestars that's what..
22:32 ivorygates i recognize you by your grapes
22:33 chasethestars also what she said
22:33 JD <__<
22:33 Azz hee, I think a bunch of people do
22:33 JD she does have a grape default userpic, huh
22:33 teshiron heh
22:33 Azz I'm just vine with it, but sometimes I use situational ones.
22:34 Azz the keyword for that xkcd one is "bad idea"
22:34 JD don't you use that default for juicy situations?

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