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13 tweets for 2009-2-24

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Tuesday, 0100: Bedtime
  • Tuesday, 0949: Hooray for long baths. Up and about.
  • Tuesday, 1103: My aunt is embarking on a campaign to get rid of unwanted pens: by leaving them at the bank.
  • Tuesday, 1119: Poodle cracked into the living room again. Heard the banging, shooed him out, reset the gates what I hope is securely.
  • Tuesday, 1212: Wrangling with paperwork. Dogs barking. Glasses still a smudgefest (despite being washed not two hours ago).
  • Tuesday, 1258: Gmail's outage last night hit El Reg: I just thought it was network/lappy b0rk.
  • Tuesday, 1337: Recommendations for internet culture:
  • Tuesday, 1536: Explained to my aunt that the thing she started (weighing & nutrition-tracking) is not something I could do: it would make me *crazy* FAST.
  • Tuesday, 1741: APARTMENT!!! YAY!!! (It's still being remodeled; it's by the beach; I'm still a little shell-shocked; IKEA trip to follow)
  • Tuesday, 1754: My cousin just played for me "Grandfather", by Vermillion Lies. This is many kinds of brilliant.
  • Tuesday, 1804: Now I'm trying to describe ska to my cousin. (Funk is formerly melodic instruments used for beating; ska is trumpet mating season?)
  • Tuesday, 1909: "What's the point of drinking carbonated beverages if you can't sit around and watch the bubbles?" quoth my aunt, re: champagne glasses
  • Tuesday, 2039: People have arrived for my cousin's pizza party. As pizza has been made, they are playing Puerto Rico.

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