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18 tweets for 2009-3-1

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Sunday, 0031: I have fucking "Genie in a Bottle" stuck in my goddamn head again. (This has been off and on for over a month, let me advise you.)
  • Sunday, 0034: Yesterday's poodle humping count: 2. Barking at outside thing, I opened the door to investigate, hump time! Then parking at (Foo)D Town.
  • Sunday, 0040: Deacon has stopped trying to lick the castor oil off the rails of the glass porch door. WTF, man.
  • Sunday, 0101: Wearing perfume makes me happy. I should do it more often.
  • Sunday, 0139: This afternoon's dog-walk was the just-over-a-mile route. Feeling refreshed rather than beaten.
  • Sunday, 1116: @skramer Nobody, etc. ...
  • Sunday, 1224: This is still hilarious after having read the series:
  • Sunday, 1324: Minor domestic crisis: Out of garlic!
  • Sunday, 1443: Just singlehandedly brought down ESN for @dreamwidth. Importing 24,000-odd journal entries is a bit of a stress test, no? :-P
  • Sunday, 1517: The poodle looks very silly when getting up from a nap. No humping count so far today. Raining a bit out there (lots of wind).
  • Sunday, 1551: I'm at Skyline Blvd & Fort Funston Rd, San Francisco, CA , United States -
  • Sunday, 1648: Did the 6000 foot route again today. Uncle came with us. Saw Baldwin (shaggy poodle) & Sparkle (short wide bulldog bitch).
  • Sunday, 1919: To revisit when Madman is set up:
  • Sunday, 2053: @ursamajor There's one in Fairbanks, too.
  • Sunday, 2349: @mayerman Facebook status is always pretty much "I am" "I think"; Twitter can be any short thought without conforming to the format.
  • Sunday, 2352: @gameboyguy13 The phrasing for Twitter does encourage it, but it's sort of like LJ interests, which are not actually "like"s.
  • Sunday, 2353: @gameboyguy13 Sometimes the "I am" is implied though. I do not have to say "I am reading this link". That's so very 2nd grade.
  • Sunday, 2354: Twitterfox was acting weird for a while, but seems to have cleared up. It was showing a stack of messages from way early in the morning.

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