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Yay, moving!

Got off to a late start as I wasn't sure whether my procrastination had screwed absolutely everything up this time. (I put off calling the renters insurance place until late, and the guy said on Friday that the policy had been switched over, but I should call back tomorrow to get the number over the phone. Tomorrow. Ha. "Tomorrow" was Saturday, on which they were not open, as I discovered early Saturday morning when I tried calling. I'd gotten the PG&E account OK, I'd arranged for an ISP, but ... argh.) Thankfully, it hadn't screwed everything up, so long as I could get stuff in on Monday.

I had been dipping strawberries when the apartment complex called back. My aunt took over dipping strawberries and I zipped off to the bank. I started in on the paperwork while my aunt got cleaned up. I got some plotting for Book 1 done, excellent news. The dude in the office advised me that the spot that was assigned to me had been previously temporarily assigned to someone else.

We toured the property. The master laundry room is in the building right above the rental office. My mail box is in the garage of the building in which I live. My parking spot is in the building above the one I live (this is not as bad as it sounds, because it's a little less hill than the garage of the building in which I live). My apartment is freshly remodeled (haven't I been here before?) and has a washer/dryer within it (oo). The washer/dryer is a combination unit: not a stack, but an all-in-one. Not as powerful as the ones in the laundry rooms, and not as fast, but small and convenient and right there.

The dude said that we could certainly borrow a hand truck to get boxes shifted. We picked the one that had the nice big tires, although they were a little soft. Once we loaded the IKEA box with the convertible loveseat on it, however, we couldn't move the hand truck -- it was sufficiently heavy to squish the under-pressure tires enough to make them fall half off. Oops. We then opted for the one with the little hard tires, because those wouldn't squish even though they didn't negotiate obstacles such as the hose very well.

After we got her SUV unloaded, my aunt wandered off to her co-worker's sponsorship party. (The co-worker has this upcoming charitable bike ride.) I started unloading more stuff from the car. Just as I managed to drop the hand truck at the same time as one of the blue IKEA bags in my car fell out the door, some guy in a topless sports car pulled up. (The uncharitable would call it a midlife crisis car.) Seeing me scrambling to get out of the adjacent parking space, he advised me to take my time, and then observed that wasn't I actually in his parking space?

"Your temporary parking space?" I asked back, in the slightly excessively cheerful way that those who actually know me know is a sign of me being actually kind of a bitch. "I moved in." Polite, cheerful, and absolutely immovable, in the way that comes from knowing that midlife-crisis boy hasn't checked his voicemail yet for the message that I personally heard office dude leaving for him.

I had all but one bag out of the car when JD called advising that he was near the specified BART station. I gave him directions for reaching the correct parking lot and zipped off to get him.

We went straight to my aunt's for another load of stuff. JD met the dogs. I packed up my laptop. My GM had asked whether I could be available at 6 to get some chat roleplay in with a player in Australia (as scheduling is not easy for this circumstance).

When we got in, it was about 15 minutes until 6. We got one load of stuff down, I started the dishwasher for the box full of dishes I'd unpacked, and I got the wireless device plugged in (discovering in the process that my laptop's three-prong cord would not fit in the supposedly three-prong outlet by the fucking fireplace, as the hole for the ground seemed to be fucking blocked). (A message to the office ensued.)

I was all plugged in and connected to the wireless device at five until 6.

By twelve after 6, I was finally sufficiently online to see a message from my GM. My laptop has Miranda and Gmail chat. Miranda is evidently not accepting AIM messages incoming. Gmail does not accept group chat invitations. My GM advised me to download Trillian. Plugging directly into the device, I was able to achieve a slightly faster connection. 20 minutes later, Trillian was happily at 66% downloaded! 20 minutes after that, Trillian was still 66% downloaded, and Twitterfox wasn't even connecting, forget anything else. By somewhat after 7, JD and I agreed that this was Just Not On (slightly stronger language may have been used), and resolved that it was time to finish unloading the car, then go to Safeway for some damn toilet paper (oops).

Groceries were acquired. We wound up at my aunt's for dinner around 8. Hooray, dinner! Did I mention before that the poodle will jump for edamame? The poodle will jump for edamame. Since edamame has yet to upset the poodle's sensitive little stomach, this is not disallowed (he loves bread, but it makes him sick). We packed up the rest of everything, and got the remaining stuff from the garage packed in. I made sure that my computer was buckled in. My aunt packed a housewarming bag of assorted foodstuffs (in a paper bag, very ecologically sound).

We shifted stuff. The Box of Tech was very heavy, and took two people. I carried my own computer. The only mishap in all the carrying of stuff was when I was carrying the bag of foodstuffs, and JD offered to take it off my hands, and the handle ripped and everything went flying, strawberries and all. Minor, in the grander scheme of things! My aunt found my bluetooth headset on the ground by stepping on it. I was relieved, because I hadn't been aware it was lost, and it was still on and blinking. (It must have fallen out of a bag, because it was in a bag at the beginning of it all.) My aunt parked out of the way, and I moved Vash into the convenient place. We moved more stuff.

My aunt went home to get some sleep. JD and I started unpacking. (Trillian was still at 66%.) JD started putting together the bookshelf-desk. By this time, my every joint and muscle was complaining whenever disturbed, which alarmed JD some. I got a shower. Despite the presence of All the Booze in the World all nicely unpacked and on a convenient pantry-type shelf, we didn't think to have any. We were just so tired. In the assembly process, the desk bent, which made it actually sort of impossible to continue putting together (the screw holes in a piece of wood are stripped).

We conked out, eventually. I was tired past the point of rationality, and way too cold, and my mama is not in California. JD gave me a hug and took the network cable. I fell asleep under my new duck-down comforter (on the floor) with a huggy rock in each hand. Yay new apartment.

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