Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Daily Trivia (Wednesday)

I was planning to head out to IKEA yesterday before the LJ Folks dinner that jai_dit scheduled. I got off to a late start in general, and then as I was getting ready to head out the door, maintenance showed up to replace the outlet box that was broken. So I stayed around while the fellow did that.

I zipped through IKEA, picking up a floor lamp, a laptop desk, a table (to be used as a desk), and a little side table, as well as a floor lamp. I was afraid I was going to get stuck in traffic on the way home, but, happily, I did not. My aunt called proposing a dog walk (couldn't make it), and I somehow got mustard on my ear.

I had just cleaned up and was getting dressed when the power went out. Woe! I finished getting dressed in the semi-dark. I wore my hair mostly down, with a twist in the top secured with a really pretty enameled comb. (Guys who were there: this may be one of your few chances to have seen my hair down. It tangles. I don't do it often.) I decided against kitten heels on the grounds of San Francisco sidewalks, and wore my navy suede flats instead.

Dinner was fun, and deserves its own post when I am not screaming off to dinner with my aunt then SPN night.

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