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Thursday in brief review

Hit farmer's market with aunt. Got strawberries! Also got brownie with raspberry jelly, and a few more other things.

Cable guy showed up slightly after I got back home. He cabled. There was the following slightly surreal exchange:

Him: "And where will you put the TV?"
Me: "I don't have a TV."
Him: "Where will you be putting it when you get it?"
Me: "I won't be getting one."

He wound up putting the router by the couch, given that the cable outlet was behind the couch and the router is wireless. I meanwhile started assembling the computer desk. He got the internet installed in good time. He tried to get the wireless working, but failed due to certain problems with certain vital information. Namely, as I discovered upon his departure, the (previously opened) box from Fry's Electronics was lacking the bit of documentation where it gives the default username and password. (I figured out that the problem was probably the prior-opened bit.) Happily, Google was helpful (cat-5, baby), and I got signed in and the password changed (remote changes disallowed by default in any event) and started setting up the wireless network.

There were problems with the wireless network: Thalia just could not connect, with the same symptoms she'd been showing on the network at my aunt's place. (Number one suspect is now that monkeyshines having to do with the TomTom installation.) I eventually changed it over to a type of network that she could connect to.

My desktop is set up! OMG! This is serious levels of OMG YES FINALLY. I may now be able to be actually productive, since this is ergonomically friendly and not ACTUALLY RATHER OBSOLETE BY NOW. I will however have to figure out why I am getting no sound.

JD was going to come over, but since my apartment is a wireless PIT, I didn't get the text in anything like time, and he went off back into the city. Somewhat later, my aunt took me out with the dogs to take a walk. I opted for her to pick me up, as it made no sense for both of us to drive. Partway up the hill, I got a text message from JD saying he was on his way on BART. Cue the panic! Cue my aunt kindly letting me borrow her SUV (eep) to pick up JD! Cue JD actually having sent the text several HOURS ago, and not being at BART. Cue me returning to aunt. Cue me getting in a VERY wrong lane and getting slightly lost and turned around, and having problems with same. I did finally get back to the right place. The SUV steers like ... well, like not a tank. It has very responsive power steering, to the point where I wanted to drive it with just my fingertips, in case I should accidentally overpower into something.

Dinner was Chinese takeout, with my aunt and cousin (and the poodle occasionally trying to sneak his long poodly snout into the kitchen where it did not belong, as per usual), and me explaining the WIRELESS PIT that is my apartment. ("Is there chicken wire in the walls?" asked raranax.)

Then, SPN night! One of the phrasings used put me in mind of the silver metal clay winged penis beads that trickofthedark made once upon a time (then strung with seed pearls). After SPN, we watched two episodes of Profit. (The news wanted to ask us how many passwords we had and tell us about how it is important to make plans for what happens to your web services after you die.) We explained to JD how Jim Profit is an Alpha with some very, very, very bad tape.

It was 11:30; I went home. Yay, home.

Now, it is bedtime, after having submitted a puns review. Road trip tomorrow, starting at 11.

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