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Recipe Exchange

I got an e-mail from xinef with a recipe exchange. The idea of the e-mail exchange is a nice benign small pyramid scheme of recipes, although unlike the traditional pyramid scheme it doesn't actually entail laying out cash.

Since I have moved away from e-mail as a mass communication tool, it strikes me that this is a great LJ meme, and one can also play link hopscotch if one links back and forth to entries. So. Adapting from the original e-mail rules:

  1. Share a recipe with your friends list. It should be something quick and easy and without rare ingredients; ideally, it should be something you already know by heart because you've made it often enough. If you're comfortable doing so, post public.

  2. Post a link to the entry where you ran into the meme.

  3. In the comments to the entry where you ran into the meme, share your recipe and link to the entry where you share it with your friends list.

  4. Invite your friends to share their quick and easy recipes.

  5. Explore the recipes posted in the comments to your friends' journals as well as those in your own.

The following is an upgrade to canned soup. Not swanky by any means (and definitely not kosher!), but it's tasty and quick.

Bean With Bacon Soup (upgraded)
1 small can Bean with Bacon soup
1-3 slices cheddar cheese
Your favorite kind of sausage or similar meat (I prefer summer sausage; I've used pepperoni or ham), a few slices
(optional) Tabasco sauce
Bread or your favorite kind of crackers

Dice meat.
Slice or grate cheese.
Heat soup, meat, and cheese until soup is hot and cheese is melted.
Sprinkle with dill.
Add Tabasco sauce to taste.
Serve with bread or crackers.

Serves 2, or 1 very hungry person.

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