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So if I ever want to re-create this outfit:

Tonight I'm seeing Abney Park with my Thursday night gang. They've got videos uploaded on YouTube:

An event like this of course requires dressing for the occasion.

Shoes will be black work shoes in what looks like leather, laced. Socks are glittery silver knee-high stockings. Skirt: one of the ones in the happy suede-look series. Shirt: the low-necked, longish-sleeved one with the beads around the neckline.

Hair: bottom half in a little bun with the curly bundle-of-braids ponytail, secured with the hair toy. Top half: pulled into a rough ponytail and threaded through the ponytail holder that is mixed blue and dark brown fake hair, then coiled into a sloppy bun and pinned within an inch of its life. Glass bauble ornament pinned into bun. Cream lace scarf wrapped around the whole deal and pinned into place. White and cream braided pilgrim's ribbons wrapped around the bun segment, also pinned within an inch of its life. Enameled combs stuck into each side beside the bun. Bangs out, semi-fluffy.

No earrings as my ears are not feeling happy tonight.

Neck: Cameo spoonfed art piece in choker position. Star at full extension, with fluorite/amethyst/silver poison pendant and earthenware raven pendant on black glass beads at same length. Magpie necklace from amberite filling in between. (Steampunk: where you can get away with glorious excess in jewelery; none of these would have looked right on their own, but together they somehow work.) The turquoise blue scarf with the sequins and beads from that Vegas trip, clasped with my favorite black-and-blue hair clasp, knotted off to the side on my shoulder.

Hands: Left hand bare, dragonfly black-and-clear crystal/silver-look bracelet and stacked silver rings. Right hand in black fishnet glove; silver squiggle ring under glove, faux silver pearl ring over; iridescent and faux black pearl coil bracelet and chime ball necklace wrapped as a bracelet both over.

Haven't put on makeup yet.

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