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Hooray for Deacon

Went up to my aunt's last night and watched movies with her. A load of Netflix had arrived. First up: Don't Tell Her It's Me, a very 80s romantic comedy about the brother of a romance writer being made over and set up with a reporter. The dogs mobbed me once I'd sat down. Deacon decided that he wanted to be petted and also that his face was itchy and my skirt was the best thing available to itch it on. The poodle decided something of the same, and started rubbing his face all over ... on Deacon. Poodles

In the middle of the movie, I glanced over into the kitchen and saw the head and shoulders of a certain Bad Dog -- Deacon was doing what is known as "counter surfing": standing up at the counter with front paws on the counter, cheerfully eating off it. That was my aunt's soup. Bad dog. (Hasn't been fed! Ever!) 

Next up: Henry Poole Is Here, a weird, character-driven film about a guy named Henry Poole who moves into a quiet little neighborhood. Everyone has their own little tragic story. He was totally better in "Bad Blood". It was an all right movie. 

Of course, when I got back home, I didn't wind up getting to sleep until way, way too late. I'm going around the clock again, freewheeling. This is, um, not such a good plan. 

This is also a test of the RTE in Google Chrome, thus the fun markup. 

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