Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Scenes from True Life

Exterior apartment building, night. Woman stands in front of door, key in hand. She looks down at the door mat. She prods the sandy, sodden edge of it with a toe.

MAN: "I live in front of building. Worse there."

In a YouTube comments section, as part of a spirited discussion about whether a shout in the song is HEY, HI, AY, or OY:

K: I got into a five hour argument(in real life) over how old beowulf was when he died. DO NOT complain. These are a few sentences. That was a violent argument, and i actually threw a chair.
G: Did you come to an agreement (on Beowulf's final age)?
K: No, someone called the police due to the 'chair' thing.

... oh, internet. Every time I lose faith in humanity, I can come back to you and either gain it back, or lose the rest of it.

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