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Silliness in #dw, trimmed for length/topicality. Sort of. Purple + fruit vs. veg.

[10:35] rahaeli: oooooooooh
[10:35] rahaeli: i just got three alternate site schemes
[10:35] kamara: oooo
[10:35] rahaeli: all three sidebar-based
[10:35] Highlander: ooooh!
[10:35] rahaeli: and all of them HOT
[10:35] kamara: (any purples?)
[10:35] isabeau: rah: ooooh <3333
[10:35] Azz|zzz: uh. xugglybug? was it (Link: ?
[10:35] isabeau: (I <3 sidebars)
[10:36] Afuna: oooooh
[10:36] rahaeli: no purples. :) one's blue/grey, one's brown/light green/white, one's white-on-black
[10:36] rahaeli: and they are HOT
[10:36] xugglybug: rahaeli: the lack of purple needs to be fixed
[10:36] xugglybug: </bisexual>
[10:36] xugglybug: OH GOD WAIT WHAT AM I SAYING
[10:37] xugglybug: <bisexual>
[10:37] domtheknight: i love purples
[10:37] isabeau: purple is awesome NEED MOAR PURPLE
[10:37] kamara: :D
[10:37] isabeau: (though blue/grey is good too)
[10:37] domtheknight: i would use an all-purple layout all the time regardless of its functionality
[10:37] * isabeau ponders doing up a purple sitescheme >_>
[10:38] Highlander: just no orange/yellow schemes...
[10:38] marnanel: never </bisexual> yourself!
[10:38] xugglybug: Fin wouldn't like it, for starters.
[10:38] marnanel: well, quite.
[10:40] marnanel: I could be quite obscure and cite the wonderful SCOTUS case of Nix v Hedden
[10:41] marnanel: where the Supreme Court sat solemnly to decide whether a tomato is a fruit or a vegetable
[10:41] marnanel: unfortunately not to settle a drinking bet
[10:52] marnanel: (The outcome of Nix vs Hedden was decided in Hedden's favour, i.e. that tomatoes are vegetables, btw)
[10:52] domtheknight: well if the supreme court said so
[10:52] Afuna: hmm I guess that settles that question
[10:52] xugglybug: Afuna: and that goes quite well with my theory that I don't like vegetables, because I hate most green stuff and like (some) coloured stuff
[11:00] rahaeli: not entirely finished moving things around properly, however: (Link:
[11:01] rahaeli: (I started with the easiest one. *G*)
[11:01] isabeau: blooo!
[11:02] Azz|zzz: bluuuuuuue.
[11:02] * Azz|zzz relaxes there for a bit
[11:02] rahaeli: wait until you see Celerity
[11:02] * Azz|zzz suddenly speeds up
[11:03] amaliedageek: Blue!
[11:04] * xenacryst sings o/~ I'm so bluuuuuuuuuuuue
[11:11] isabeau: ooh gradation++
[11:11] rahaeli: this makes me incredibly happy
[11:11] isabeau: (colorshifted variations of gradation (*cough*purple*cough*) would be awesome too <_<
[11:24] * Azz|zzz looks at celerity. shape is nice.
[11:24] rahaeli: i 8love* celerity
[11:24] rahaeli: i'm a big fan of oddly-overlapping things
[11:24] Skud: celerity is indeed gorgeous
[11:24] Azz|zzz: alas, the color used in Celerity will indeed perform as advertised -- make me go very fast in the other direction.
[11:24] marnanel: must... not... get... dragged... into... designing... site... themes
[11:24] Afuna: the little bar thingy underneat he the userpic makes me happy
[11:24] marnanel: have no sense of colour anyway
[11:25] isabeau: yeah, it falls for me into "cool but don't like the color" >_>
[11:25] marnanel: maybe the colour is supposed to make you think of celery
[11:25] av8rmike: see, cause it's like celery!
[11:25] * marnanel hi5s av8rmike
[11:25] av8rmike: hahaha
[11:25] Skud: i like the colour, fwiw
[11:25] rahaeli: marnanel: people seem to want a purple site scheme. ;)
[11:25] isabeau: celery should be greener imo <_<
[11:25] * Azz|zzz looks at color. if I saw celery like that I'd run as well.
[11:25] *** marcelle42 has joined #dw.
[11:25] isabeau: (and I'm not saying the color is bad or wrong, it just doesn't work for me)
[11:26] marnanel: rahaeli: what about the at least 10% of bloggers who are not bisexual? :)
[11:26] rahaeli: and i need to finish my dark-on-light all-monospaced industrial-architecture-looking theme
[11:26] Azz|zzz: (yeah; people who are not fantastically averse to the yellow-green family should not have excessive problems)
[11:26] rahaeli: (got stymied by the lack of a good CSS vertical-flip control)
[11:26] isabeau: (vertical-flip control?)
[11:27] Azz|zzz: (my website colour issues, let me show you them)

[12:01] * isabeau glares at the part of my brain that is insisting on making a right-sidebar purple sitescheme. I am not a web design person, brain!
[12:02] rho: isa: if it's any consolation, there's a part of my brain insisting that a site scheme with navigation in an iframe on the bottom of the page would be really awesome




[16:59] Rue: my fiancée is threatening me. no dinner if I don't make a purple sitescheme.
[16:59] Rue: she might be the only person to use it.


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