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Nine Things about Oracles

Nine Things about Oracles

1. Her sister played at sending her into trances and asking what she saw there. Then the things she saw happened.
2. At first, it took three hours past her bedtime and five cups of coffee to go back there.
3. The first deck of cards folded into her hands so naturally.
4. She didn't mean to invade anyone's privacy. She'd just been asking some questions, and the deck was answering them.
5. She tried reading from a pack of children's illustrated flash cards as a joke. They started out laughing. They weren't laughing by the time the reading was over.
6. It took an effort to stop seeing the answers to questions she didn't know she was asking when she walked onto the bus or opened a book.
7. Once she lost her favorite deck of cards. She was upset until she realized that she didn't need them anymore.
8. She never remembered what she said when she read to someone else. It was between them and the universe.
9. "And what do you do?" "I tell the truth."

Inspired by elisem.

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