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15 tweets for 2009-3-29

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Sunday, 0405: Have achieved a decadent dessert, though I'm not sure what I'd call it: heated cream cheese, added sugar, heated, added chocolate, swirled.
  • Sunday, 0411: @semanticist Mwah! It is a really useful little script!
  • Sunday, 0537: @dduane Good to see you back, and best wishes on the backlog.
  • Sunday, 0539: @thatjohn I see what you mean! Though one could argue that they mean "he looks just like his mom". But still.
  • Sunday, 0556: That which I said about the rosary in that file is still holding true. I think it's one of the most true things I've said so far this year.
  • Sunday, 1608: Ooo, useful (and rare-ish) HTML tags: (I use cite)
  • Sunday, 1620: Amusing phrasings: "Mount To-Be-Read" as description of that stack of books. You know that stack of books. :D
  • Sunday, 1731: I'm not sure that rose/coffee/vanilla works as a scent combination. (Evelyn Rose perfume, spilled vanilla coffee down cleavage)
  • Sunday, 2114: Note that has a new IP; you may need to flush your DNS cache. If you're looking at you've got the new one.
  • Sunday, 2140: Cousin is in Alaska enjoying the ash-laden skiing scene. Poor cousin.
  • Sunday, 2140: @norabombay Good to see you there! I've been semi-automatically cross-posting every few days.
  • Sunday, 2154: @norabombay Hee, oh dear. And god knows that at least 50% of those people are probably Doing It Fucking Obnoxiously.
  • Sunday, 2203: @norabombay I bet I could come up with a legitimate application for Twitter for your organization. But that's because I'm a guru. :-P
  • Sunday, 2204: @omnivorously I literally did not recognize Dean in that episode until he sat down in the car.
  • Sunday, 2318: @norabombay Jesus fucking christ. >_<

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