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Further things that my best friend may no longer do in game: swing by on rope and try to douse firebird with pot of ship's stew. (note: this did not work, and just got hot stew all over.)

Vash is in proper working order once more (or less; still have to tend to the one more thing).

A year's worth of emails is a whole heck of a lot of them. O_o

Jim Profit, from Profit, has just declared that he is wandering into the scary little AU that I totally blame Steph for, and being January-the-hacker's Cause of Death.

(Darkside Knightmares, for those new to this form of crack, is an anime that never existed, about a detective and a reporter, more or less, with some magic in. Dark and Miranda are totally idealized self-inserts, for certain forms of 'idealized'. This anime is solely being plotted out so that Steph and I can spew soda out our noses while pretending we are writing fic about it.)

January-the-Hacker is himself an import from synecdochic's gorgeous and glorious A Howling in the Factory Yard; his name there is Virta, and he is an amoral little hacker-boy, and I won't give you spoilers beyond that.

In 1x08, which does not have its episode summary up yet, we follow Miranda through some of her work: a piece on a large corporation. Some time later, in an episode that has yet to be placed, the hacker January (one of Dark's friends from lunch in 1x07) contacts Miranda, and seems to be hinting at something in some connection to his employer that would require her investigative skills more than her writing ability, but he is killed in a freak accident.

Little did I know that in fact the accident is no accident, but a clever machination of AU!Profit. AU!Profit is attached to the company that January has become entangled with, and has decided that January is a liability. And we know what happens when someone is no longer in any way useful or salvageable in Profit's eyes, and AU!Profit is no different.

His backstory is different, of course, since this is a different universe, and we may never actually meet him, but that's why January dies.

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