Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

WTF, head.

I just dreamed that Dad told me that he'd seen a particular childhood nemesis of mine posting to LJ. Which, yes, that's a Dad thing to do. And he told me what he'd seen the fellow posting. And when I googled it (? maybe? or maybe it was on my friends page?) it was a hundreds-of-comments fandom-related flamewar, with an angry but professional Cassandra Clare saying that ok, she was done with this, and while she and Tupshin had had a bunch of laughs cleaning this up (?!), it was hitting the point of no longer funny/very old.

And at the same time there were two ladies from my survey job that were entered in a contest through a casino that I was participating in, just as I'd subscribed to notifications on the whole blasted event. We were trying to win a car or something, through sheer persistence. One of them did, although we were the last three left.

I was still debating about telling people that Dad had told me that the anonymous person behind this hundreds-of-comments wank (at least the volunteers and Tupshin, if not Fandom Itself) was likely to be the childhood nemesis, and then I got swept in to dinner with some people ostensibly from Work1. We had several tables, and there was some craziness with who-sat-where. Someone at the table with me (who was someone high-school-popular and blonde and I have no idea if she even corresponded to a real person or if she was just a composite) was being a real bitch, and that made things nasty.

And then I was upstairs at my parents' house, and downstairs, and outside, still somewhat discussing the hundreds-of-comments wank, and someone was trying to build a house, and they had thousands of bricks stacked up in readiness. And they were shifting the bricks. This somehow led to Mama's pottery shop rolling down a hill, some roosters involved in fanfiction, the stove being on fire somewhere down the hill, and other completely surreal items.

I woke up, and the only reason I knew that the Childhood Nemesis wasn't being an anonymous dickwad on the internet was because I knew I actually didn't have the subscriptions in my inbox.

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