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"What is Trader Joe's and why are you always there?"

So, via the magic of Twitter and BrightKite and my cellphone, I provide my Twitter-friends (and my LJ friends, somewhat later) with a rough picture of where I am throughout my day. (This is not generally exciting. I lead a dull life in terms of location. I like it because then I know where I was, neatly mapped and timestamped, which is helpful when I want to reconstruct my day three years later.)

Evidently the curiosity had been eating away at mayerman for a while, though, because he finally asked, "What is Trader Joe's, and why are you always there?"

Being at Trader Joe's and not by the computer (and not getting regular Twitter messages on the cellphone, just direct messages), I was not available to answer him immediately. When I returned, I saw that he had been schooled by a number of people, including luminaries such as ursamajor ("YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT TRADER JOE'S IS??? Awesome yuppie discount grocery store of doom. Foggy Bottom or Bethesda, GO NOW:!"), jai_dit ("ursamajor, obviously we need to stage an intervention"), and daydreamer.

He had, uh, always thought that it was a pawn shop. These are among the reasons why I love the internet.

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