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Here's to you, Gordy.

I'm really not sure how many gay guys there were on the nightshift at my old workplace when I started it, but only one of them was officially out of the closet. That was Gordy. Everyone I worked with got a nickname for the purposes of my journal. Because of this, I called Gordy "Mr. Out". When I showed up on that shift, the big news was that Gordy was involved in some event of some notoriety. It turned out that in addition to doing tech support full-time on the nightshift, Gordy managed a cabaret. A cabaret in which David Hernandez, American Idol contestant once danced.

Tonight, one of my friends sent me a link to this news story. Gordy is dead.

Man found fatally shot at Phoenix strip club

by Tyler Lockman and Maria Polletta - Apr. 29, 2009 10:18 AM
The Arizona Republic

A shooting at a Phoenix strip club left a young man dead Tuesday night.

His death may have been accidental.

Police found Gordon Bryan, 32, fatally shot in the club's doorway around 8 p.m. according to Phoenix Lt. David Laslavic.

The strip club, near University Drive and the Interstate 10, was closed when the shooting occurred.

Bryan was working to repair a camera fixture in the lobby of the club when he was shot and killed, according to Officer Luis Samudio.

Witnesses said the suspect, an unidentified 24-year-old employee, was unloading a handgun and caused the weapon to discharge in Bryan's direction.

The investigation is ongoing and police are awaiting an autopsy report.

As of Wednesday, no arrests had been made.

I was grieving in IRC earlier. I ... I didn't expect Gordy to live forever; I knew he had a non-zero chance of contracting HIV and dying from AIDS, or getting beaten by some idiot with a violent case of homophobia, or even getting into a car wreck because of his driving habits. I didn't expect ... this.

Here are some of the moments I remember from our time working together. (Regular readers who get to see locked posts may remember many of these.)

  • The shift was talking about working from home. One of the guys declared that if he were working from home, he'd never wear pants again, and a discussion of pantslessness followed. "I'll be right over!" Gordy said enthusiastically. "Gordy scared the pants on me," the other guy said.

  • Gordy liked Buffy and Angel. One morning over breakfast, he and Picard had a very in-depth, animated discussion about the shows.

  • Gordy once told us, over breakfast, that he wasn't always gay. The story is fairly embarrassing and kind of gross, so I didn't post it before; those of a delicate nature may want to skip this bit.

    There was a party, and Gordy and a girl went off to do their thing. He was eating her out, and he thought it tasted nasty, but he kept at it anyway. The next morning, his sister asked him how it went, and Gordy told her. His sister told him that the girl in question had been having her period, which both the girl and his sister had known prior to the girl and Gordy going off together. Gordy was disgusted and angry, and declared that from then on he was going to be gay, so that he would never have to encounter this sort of scenario again.

  • The average group of largely-male geeks and gamers is not known for their sensitive language. At least once, someone said "Those fucking cocksuckers!", then apologized to Gordy: "No offense to actual cocksuckers."

  • Gordy had cellphone problems while driving. We all teased him endlessly about it. When Gordy got a traffic ticket from a speed camera, we laughed at him and called it karma.

  • Gordy told us that he used the ladies' room at the club, because the owner cleaned it herself; that's how he knew it was safe to go in there.

  • Once, Gordy showed off his new business card. I pointed out that he was using "review" instead of "revue". Ooops. Unfortunately, he'd just taken out an ad in the New Times that said "review" too, besides having all those business cards.

  • If it was possible to make a penis joke about it, either Gordy would say it, or someone would say it to him. Someone once told Gordy that there was a restraining order against Gordy being with the fruit bowl, because of the bananas and the walnuts.

  • I can no longer recall the details of the incident in which Gordy supposedly stole Picard's MC Hammer pants, but it made everybody laugh for a long, long time.

  • Once, Gordy had to explain the concept of a "red light district" to one of the younger members of the team.

  • Gordy loved his gossip. In addition to following celebrity gossip, he always had to know what was going on at work, and made sure that if he knew something, everyone else did too. You could always count on him to know what was up.

  • Gordy's club was called Dick's Caberet. This occasionally... well. Here's a representative chat log.

    4:02 AM 5/22/2008
    Picard: So breakfast is not till Friday morning?
    Gordy: yes if you make it this morning i wont be able to go cuz i need to meet a vender for dicks
    Me: They sell those? *duck*
    Gordy: hahaha omg
    The Kid : yes
    Gordy: I have to meet hte MegaTouch vendor
    Gordy: um they are bartop games
    Me: Thanks for the clarification.
    Gordy: ya if i needed dicks i'd go to Fasinations

    This led to discussion of the penis helicopter.

    (Another angle)

  • I mentioned "I never could get the hang of Thursdays" in team chat. Gordy didn't get it. (Shocking, for tech support!) I advised him to read the Hitchhiker's Guide trilogy. Gordy: "oh im sorry i dont read" This was greeted by laughter, since the job is e-mail based tech support; reading is sort of a job requirement. He realized the logical flaw, and quickly amended "well only here i read" but we were still laughing.

  • Gordy's trip to Sedona led to the whole shift talking about Kokopelli, and learning that Kokopelli has a huge phallus. This was quickly followed by chat about breakfast, and sausage.

  • The guys were discussing Playboy. Gordy mentioned that he reads it for the articles. He adores Candice Michelle, and has the issue in which she appeared. Of all the guys who could claim to read Playboy for the articles, I can believe it of Gordy.

  • Gordy loved his caffeine. It was sort of a food group, given that we were on third shift, plus he had his other job to go to.

  • Gordy was always trying to lighten a dull moment. He would start random chats every now and then, asking the whole team for input on something silly, or telling us all a useful tidbit of technical information. He was always talking with somebody. Once he happened to be chatting with one of the tier 2 guys when I had to call in. It was One Of Those Nights, and I'd gotten very similar crazy problems over and over, and had needed to contact tier 2 a *lot*. By this time I had an almost manic air of cheer when I called in with yet another of these problems, with a very toothy smile pasted on my face, and my voice was up an octave. "Could she be more chipper?" Gordy wanted to know, in chat with the tier 2 guy. Actually, I could be. I demonstrated for him. He was a little scared.

  • Picard was straight. However, some of his mannerisms weren't always particularly associated with straight men, and he was a little bit defensive about being straight. Gordy being Gordy, Gordy would tease Picard about it. Once this led to Picard threatening to beat Gordy down with a beanie penguin.

  • Picard and Gordy were talking about a game. Picard: "And doesn't change that you're now the one being beaten by a girl." Gordy: "I am a girl."

  • Gordy dressed up as a caveman for Halloween, but only after threatening that he was going to dress up as Candice Michelle.

  • In response to the "marriage is one man and one woman" movement, Gordy decided to define cheating as one man and one woman. If you were a guy, this meant that no matter how many guys you slept with, you could never be cheating, because you were never with a woman.

  • Gordy was easily amused. For example, the Edward Scissorpockets incident.

He will be missed.

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