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Interesting Interests Theatre:

[info] - personalursamajor picked the following interests of mine to ask about:

poodle! stop humping!, yeeth, Cordelia Vorkosigan, duct tape sword guys, ectogenesis, egyptian fayoumi, Liquid Satan, Malkavian

She mentioned that most* of them sounded as if they were fantasy-related. In actual practice, the links are often tenuous at best.

poodle! stop humping!

My aunt has a poodle, currently named Dazzle (formerly Parnelli). The poodle was intended to be a guide dog, but washed out for medical reasons (soft trachea). In moments of excitement, the poodle humps the lab (Deacon, another guide dog washout). This is not an ideal situation. The homosexuality issue doesn't really enter into it, but Deacon is an old dog, and it's not good for his hips to be humped (and not good for his shoulders to hump the poodle). When staying with my aunt, I kept a running tally of the number of times per day one would have to tell the poodle to stop humping, and the circumstances surrounding the humping. *There's no connection to fantasy here; [info] - personalursamajor just finds the whole thing fantastically funny. :D


This is an in-joke from the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth summer programs. We were thinking of other definitions for "CTY", one of them being Center for Talented Yeeth (this being the plural of "youth", according to our sugar-high teenage brains). Others included "Cavalcade of Teenage Yaks", and "Association of Bad Spellers". We read a lot of science fiction and fantasy there.

Cordelia Vorkosigan

Countess Cordelia Naismith Vorkosigan is the mother of Miles Naismith Vorkosigan. She is a native of Beta Colony, but left in order to marry. She had extensive training in enough branches of science to command a Betan Astronomical Survey ship, command of which has been likened to herding cats. She applies her hobbies of sociology and psychology in order to hold her own on her husband's home planet of Barrayar, a frightening backwater that isn't up to galactic standard in terms of either technology or human rights. This is science fiction.

duct tape sword guys

For people who like swordplay, but aren't up for live steel, you grab your PVC pipe and your pipe insulation and your duct tape, and you put together some weapons, then find a backyard or field or other unoccupied area relatively free of innocent bystanders and obstacles, and proceed to whack merrily away at each other. One of the most entertaining participant sports in the world, and it can be as freewheeling or organized as you care to have it. Duct tape sword guy-ing is a male-dominated sport. It can be pure sport, or historically, fantasy, or science fiction themed.


Literally, the process of gestation outside of the mother. In the context of my interests, it is the ten-year-wonder of a first novel that I will likely never finish. It has a lot of truly terrible stuff in it, but I learned a whole lot from it, and all the plots still excite me, even though I have other things that I need to write before I even dream of going back to it. It originated as a particularly appalling Mary Sue Star Trek Voyager/reality crossover, but evolved into contemporary science fiction with elements of fantasy/magical realism.

egyptian fayoumi

This is a particularly insane breed of chicken, and the breed of my beloved childhood pet hens Calico and Aurora (and the less-beloved Storm and Fleeta, and Tay-Tay's Bakeem and Nemka, and my Virtual Aunt's King Tut). Their Wikipedia article does not address the sheer manic energy that the breed in general has, nor their frequent complete disconnect from reality. They would make good alien birds, or magical creatures, because one doesn't really think of chickens being quite that weird.

Liquid Satan

Long-time readers will recall That Idiot Shawn, my high school best friend, whose partner in hijinks I occasionally was. It was very clear who was the sidekick throughout our long association. One of his many creative applied-science projects was the formulation of better and improved forms of recreational caffeine delivery. First there was Death Swill, which was the strongest coffee the vending machine could be convinced to dispense. Then there was Life Swill, which involved extra strong, extra cream, and extra sugar. Then there was Liquid Satan, which Shawn brewed up at home. It involved espresso shots and probably instant coffee too. It was impressive. I do not think any actual cases of caffeine poisoning resulted from this substance, mostly because it was too bitter and acidic to drink enough to suffer further adverse effects. There was no actual resort to fantasy in the substance; it was named by Shawn because it was the next step up from Death Swill.


This comes to my interests list from White Wolf's Vampire: The Masquerade. Once upon a time, I agreed to participate in a LARP of this game. My character was one Azure Lunatic, an ex-nun who had been Embraced quite some time ago. She had no attention span, had lost contact with reality enough to be nonfunctional in the game, had a fascination with wood, and quickly got bored with the game. She became a regular fixture in my head, and became my default username, and earned "malkavian" its place on my interests list. This is, in fact, fantasy-related.

Curious about some of my other interests? Ask away! Want to have something to write about? Say the word, and I'll pick a handful of yours for you to post about.

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