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Further Interesting Interest Theatre:

As requested by lizamanynames: !!pleh, !pleh??, "my cocks(?) is down", cult of josh, tits against the rte, phighting collective phail, lart, livejournal support prevention team.

!!pleh & !pleh??

These are pretty much the same. There was a support request with everything written backwards. In retrospect, it may have been due to the unicode right-to-left character being loose somewhere on the user's view of things, but "pleh" with varying forms of punctuation was very prevalent in the support request, and struck IRC's sense of the ridiculous.

"my cocks(?) is down"

In 2007, my internet went down for a while. I had, at the time, cable internet through Cox Communications. I made a voice post about it, which Spinvox cheerfully transcribed. Now, any semi-automatic transcription is not going to get everything right all the time. This was no exception. ursamajor thought this was absolutely hilarious, and it made the transition from a bad transcription to a very small in-joke.

cult of josh

In 1995, I attended the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth summer programs for the second time. I met pyrogenic there, and fell head-over-heels for him, in the way that generally only a teenager can successfully pull off. Shortly thereafter, brooklynmili did as well. Because these things happen, we founded a religion for the express purpose of Being In Love with Josh, population: us. It got very silly.

tits against the rte

Many LiveJournal Support volunteers kind of loathe the Rich Text Editor. This interest is a form of protest and/or bribery, in the spirit of either witholding or granting boobage or images thereof for the removal of the Rich Text Editor. It ... made more sense in IRC.

phighting collective phail

The story on this one is a little bit obscure, but involves an irate user who employed the phrase "choke on your mothers' collective phalli" in making the point that really, it would make more sense if it were not possible for an underage user to post Explicit Adult content. It went on in this vein for some length.


A high-precision instrument employed at least notionally by system administrators the world around, this stands for (L)User Attitude Re-adjustment Tool, and is often wooden, two inches by four inches by forty inches or so. I have done enough tech support to appreciate fine objects of this nature.

livejournal support prevention team

It took some people longer to adjust to the Abuse team's new name than others. This was someone else's common typo from that era of adjustment.

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