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Interesting Interest Theatre, Round III

aedifica asked about: blue hair, chaos, do another, dream treatments, mud cult, nevermore, s.oteri, stargaet.

blue hair

I never considered the possibility of having hair of an unnatural color prior to 1995, although I did try coloring my hen Aurora's white hackle with dandelion petals, because I thought she would look good as a blonde. (She would have, too: she was an Egyptian Fayoumi, and a yellow hackle would have made her resemble a Golden Campine.) Then I went to CTY, and someone (possibly pyrogenic) decided that we should go for blue hair. I immediately decided that the idea was glorious, and was all for it. Sadly, it did not come to pass, as one of the RAs got wind of it, and Josh was the only one who was confident that his parents would fax in permission for the alteration. I eventually did go blue in 1998/99, and I loved the look, but the bleaching and maintenance were not fun. I went blue again in 2000/2001 briefly, but had to dye it black for a job. I've occasionally overdyed my very dark brown hair with blue since, for a fun blue-glow-in-the-sunlight effect, but haven't been able to keep that up. I'd like to have permanent dark blue hair.


Both mathematical chaos and chaos magic(k) fascinate me.

do another

This is from Support. I was never part of the Schools team, but the phrase got tossed around some, and it was also a catchphrase at my old tech support job.

dream treatments

This is from the anime Darkside Blues. It's been quite a while since I watched it; I should watch it again.

mud cult

This was a CTY event. There was a rainstorm over a weekend, and everything turned to mud. A bunch of us started playing in puddles and having a mudfight. First they banned throwing the mud, so we started chasing each other with handfuls of mud and *placing* the mud on each other. Then we got shooed on from that, as we were too close to out of bounds and getting too muddy. We re-convened in the quad, where the volleyball court had turned to mud also, and had a barefoot, bathing-suit-clad mud dance (asking for more rain for more mud). There were mud-chants. Eventually it was lunchtime. We tried to go in the cafeteria all over mud, but were unjustly barred entrance. We staged a sit-in until we got too hungry, then went and got showered off and came back for lunch. It was delightful fun.


Another CTY reference; this refers to people who a) are in their last year due to being too old to come back next year ("my nevermore year") and b)people who are now too old and will not be able to come back. It is sad to be a nevermore.


This is from Margaret Wander Bonanno's Preternatural series, a species of telepathic space jellyfish. The novel deals with a first-contact situation between the aforementioned telepathic space jellyfish (yes, it's okay to laugh) and a series of creative and messianic types throughout history, which culminates in contact with a novelist who has written tie-ins for a certain popular science fiction show, and the aging cast of that selfsame show, which is a thinly-disguised Star Trek (no, seriously, "thinly disguised" is an utter understatement, and Karen is the most delightful self-insert ever, and I love her (and Margaret) to pieces). For reasons that are difficult to articulate, the novel was a seminal work in my adolescent career. It remains a favorite, particularly the s.oteri named Azure.


This is, um. Picture this: it's 20 hours until the end of National Novel-Writing Month, and you have about 12k words to go. What do you do? Obviously, you write crackfic about being naked in the gateroom. NUDE STARGAETS. OMG.
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