Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

not such a crappy day anymore

Housecleaning is so much incredible fun. My bathroom reeks of ammonia fumes, which is why the door to my room is shut, among other reasons, chiefly that my room is not kitten-proofed. Fortunately when the toilet flooded my sister had the presence of mind to grab all the towels in the household (wrecking her towel bar again in the process) and built a dam to keep all the water and other toilet bowl contents inside the toilet portion of the bathroom. The maintainance guy who has the necklace that looks an awful lot like mine came in with some great big tool and cleared out the clogs in the line, recovering the nut from the fan-cover from the fan that's right above the toilet in the bathroom, a screw, and a pair of nail clippers.


Fortunately for the safety and happiness of my nephew, the nail clippers were positively identified as not mine and were proven to predate our residency in the apartment by the level of crud and corrosion upon them.

Nail clippers??

All the towels, and all the rest of my laundry, are in the wash, the sink is cleared, the dishwasher is loaded, I have peeled and cut carrot sticks for myself for the next week (trying to lose weight is so much fun, but it makes meal planning simpler), the litter box is in good working order (and the cat knows how to use it, which is good) and next on the agenda is the moving of the wet laundry from the washers to the dryers, the calling of my best friend to gossip, and the cleaning of the fish bowl. Poor Fireblossom... and he thought he was out of the bad neighborhood for good!
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