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[18:45] av8rmike: or maybe we should send you to suggestions
[18:46] sonneta: come on now, azz isn't even here to be like "oh, hell no"
[18:46] gerg: haha
[18:46] jessica: Isn't suggestions kind of like being put outside the walls in a post-apocalyptic future world where there are barren deserts between cities?
[18:46] gerg: poor Azz.
[18:47] av8rmike: jessica: LiveJournal developers are carefully considering your suggestion.
[18:47] jessica: Presumably this Azz fellow will be rewarded with 72 virgins eventually.
[18:47] jessica: BWAHAHAAHAHAHA
[18:48] jessica: I've used that. Nice try. crs owes me one, though, plus which he's not on psychoactive medication yet and this might help put him into the place he needs for reasonable therapy.

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