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The Demon's Lexicon, Marmalade Fish, 12-hour chats, the postal system, and me

So, sarahtales, who is not a friend as such, but a fandom associate of old, is published. She has written a book called The Demon's Lexicon, and it's one of those darkly witty things that gets marketed at teenagers because most of the major players in the scenario are teenagers. However, I would guess that most teenagers would quail in the face of an unkindness of possessed ravens bursting into the kitchen, an insane mother in the attic, and the other day-to-day realities of living on the wrong side of magic that Alan and Nick Ryves have to deal with. Not to mention the Circle of murderous magicians that are after them...

It was officially released on June 2nd, but in the absence of a one-day laydown, I managed to find a copy earlier. (I then held off on reading it for fear I'd disturb [personal profile] jd.)

On Saturday, starting at 9AM Pacific time, there was a group read-through of the book, led by the intrepid sarahtales. This process was largely insane, full of excellent discussion, and archived in marmalade_fish.

The chatroom stayed open, and did not close like a sane thing. This developed into further and stranger adventures from people who did not want it all to end. Sooner, rather than later, a plot hatched to send around a postcard, and mailmalade_fish was born.

I have developed several new friends, much to my surprise and delight.

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