Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

San Francisco Ramble

Hyoun reaching across the table

JD chowing down

Artistic shot of stools in the taqueria

Houses on Castro out the window, behind JD's head

JD's head in front of houses on Castro

Artistic shot of corners and windows inside taqueria

Artistic shot of taqueria ceiling

Artistic shot of taqueria menu

Artistic shot of painting of lilies and sunflowers

Hyoun and that one guy

JD watching, Ursie and friend with cameras

Ursie and friend photographing each other

Ursie and friend photographing Azz (who is taking this picture)

Ursie and friend looking at their camera previews

Ursie and friend sharing camera previews

Hyoun with coke bottle

Hyoun drinking coke

Event promotion poster for Cock Fight with DJ Earworm

Looking across the street up Castro

looking up the sidewalk up Castro

Looking across Castro and 18th intersection

Looking up 18th

Rainbow flag in Harvey Milk plaza, flying a black pennant too

Another view of rainbow flag in Harvey Milk plaza, flying a black pennant

Harvey Milk Plaza

little squishy green plants in Harvey Milk Plaza

trees in bricks in Harvey Milk Plaza

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