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The 30th, and happy funtimes in the Castro district!

It so happened that JD and Ursie were in town at the same time, JD on his way back in from Vegas, and Ursie on her way back in from getting married in Korea. This occasioned a meetup.

We got off to a late-ish start, which was contributed to by the sausage incident. JD's phone had been behaving badly and not charging properly, and we set out to get his phone looked at and hit his bank. Unfortunately, the banks were closed and the phone place was not the sort he needed. Furthermore, I was starting to get a bit of an agoraphobia/claustrophobia attack just from driving. Instead of meeting up in Golden Gate Park, JD and ursamajor determined that we would meet up at a bookshop, in this case A Different Light. So that's what we did.

Public transit is fun. I had been suffering from generalized OW WTF MY KNEES AND LEGS, which was a fun positive feedback loop involving knees not wanting to be bothered, lack of my usual walks with my aunt, the lack of walks eroding my endurance, and the lack of endurance contributing to my legs having had quite enough of this foolishness. I brought my umbrella to lean on, and this was a good choice.

We wound up at A Different Light reasonably before the rest of the party, and poked around. I found books. JD found books. ursamajor arrived, with hyounpark in tow, along with two people I'd never met before. I spied Ursie with no problem, and there was immediate hugging, and catching up on the things that had been happening in her absence. I found a card about a Saint of Modern Communication, with a Blackberry. I showed it to Ursie. She showed it to Hyoun. He was able to identify the model. We were in hysterics. There was gossip.

At length, we decided it was lunchtime. (It was getting quite late in the afternoon.) We went a few doors down to a taqueria (La Tortilla).

Since this was us meeting up, there were nachos (not Alton Brown anal nachos, however).

Hyoun reaching across the table

JD chowing down

Artistic shot of stools in the taqueria

Houses on Castro out the window, behind JD's head

JD's head in front of houses on Castro

Artistic shot of corners and windows inside taqueria

Artistic shot of taqueria ceiling

Artistic shot of taqueria menu

Artistic shot of painting of lilies and sunflowers

Hyoun and that one guy

JD watching, Ursie and friend with cameras

Ursie and friend photographing each other

Ursie and friend photographing Azz (who is taking this picture)

Ursie and friend looking at their camera previews

Ursie and friend sharing camera previews

Hyoun with coke bottle

Hyoun drinking coke

We wandered off and got gelato. I had vanilla, rose, nutella, and ... something. It was all tasty.

JD spied event posters, including a DJ Earworm.

Event promotion poster for Cock Fight with DJ Earworm

Everybody else checked out the history display; I stayed outside as I was getting very tired and my everything hurt and my assorted phobias were getting crankier. I took the opportunity to take pictures. The hot guy from the bookstore walked past at one point.

Looking across the street up Castro

looking up the sidewalk up Castro

Looking across Castro and 18th intersection

Looking up 18th

Eventually we went our separate ways.

Rainbow flag in Harvey Milk plaza, flying a black pennant too

Another view of rainbow flag in Harvey Milk plaza, flying a black pennant

Harvey Milk Plaza

little squishy green plants in Harvey Milk Plaza

trees in bricks in Harvey Milk Plaza

It was great fun!

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