Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Bed spam.

[18:42] * V_PauAmma_V should probably go spam his bed.
[18:43] legojen: :D
[18:44] Azz: Click here! 600ct free! Hot new pillows! enh4nc3 ur 5pr1ng5!
[18:45] * edgeraven snickers.
[18:45] legojen: more spring for your bling
[18:45] Azz: ARE U SOFT ENUF??
[18:46] legojen: spring her across the room!
[18:48] exor674: I think the weirdest penii=spam I got was something about having a penis as big as holmes or something
[18:48] legojen: o_O
[18:48] Azz: John Holmes?
[18:48] legojen: the SHOOT HER ACROSS THE ROOM TONIGHT ones are the ones I remember from xx_spam the most :)
[18:48] exor674: Azz: no idea. it just said holmes
[18:49] exor674: but I parsed that spam literally, as in "as big as <person>" not "as big as (the penis of) <person>"
[18:49] Azz: probably John Holmes, rather than Sherlock (uh, guess what he acted in)
[18:53] * edgeraven hms.
[18:55] * V_PauAmma_V didn't need the image of a penis with a deerstalker hat.

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