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Wallpaper Meme

1) It's a meme. It spreads virally. If you wish to be infected, please carry on.
2) Why are you using it? Essay question.
3) Current wallpaper, not the wallpaper you had 30 seconds ago before you saw that there was a wallpaper meme going on.

My wallpaper:

blue striped wallpaper

This wallpaper is striped vertically in many different shades and tints of blue and white, with stripes of different widths and heights. The top is darker than the bottom on the right, and the bottom is darker than the top at the left. A frosted white complex fantasy on the topic of a fleur-de-lys adorns part of the upper left-hand quadrant, translucent and overlaying the stripes.

I came across this wallpaper on a Twitter-spammer. I promptly blocked them and stole their wallpaper. I love the color blue, as you can see from my username. I find the stripes restful to the eye and spirit, and the sprig of flowers and leaves is delightful. I've been using this for quite a while, and may continue to use it for a few years, because it's simple and pretty, and I don't like change all that much.

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