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My Google-fu, let me show you it. (Dinosaurs, in German, which I do not speak)

So there's a cheerful The Demon's Lexicon chat going on, and someone mentions dinosaurs and a comic, and that it was in German. Armed with one keyword, Google Translate, and Google Image Search, I find the very comic collection she was thinking of.

vandulocity: although... can you imagine what would happen if you had two demons fighting over the same body? oh dear...

Azz: That would possibly be worse than a body's own soul and a demon.

Playwithfyr: do you think its ever happened?

vandulocity: which? the two-demons-vs-one-body?

Playwithfyr: yeah

Playwithfyr: it would be strange

Azz: it would be really strange

Azz: I bet it has

Azz: like, once

Azz: ever

Playwithfyr: it probably caused some massive human event

Playwithfyr: oooh, maybe it wiped out the dinosaurs

vandulocity: thats what i was thinking

Playwithfyr: when two demons possessed one T-rex

Azz: and both demons were in such fucked-up shape after they came back (or maybe they just like died) that they decided ok never again

vandulocity: does that mean there were dinosaur magicians? :)

Playwithfyr: possibly

Playwithfyr: (:

vandulocity: hee! dinosaurs with pointy hats and robes! drawing summoning circles! ahahaha

vandulocity: yup. that's totally how it happened

Playwithfyr: definately

vandulocity: where are all the artists when you need them? ;)

ravelqueen: back

Playwithfyr: how dare they have other commitments

vandulocity: i call it shocking

Playwithfyr: Ravel! Can you draw?

ravelqueen: not at all

ravelqueen: like absolutely not, stick figures look weird when i draw them

Playwithfyr: curses

vandulocity: we need a pet chatzy artist ;)

ravelqueen: but, there is this one funny comic, where there are funny looking dinosaurs...and i may remember one with party hats

ravelqueen: let me search

vandulocity: oh, yeah, i think i know the one

ravelqueen: really? which one are you thinking about?

vandulocity: i have no idea what it's called, all i remember are bright green dinosaurs and that i think it's written by a guy called ryan...

Azz: Dinosaur Comics

Azz: Ryan North

vandulocity: that would be the one :D

vandulocity: azz, do you actually know everything? :)

Azz: No, but with Google at my fingertips, I can almost make it look like I do!


ravelqueen: well maybe you will be lucky, but not the one i was thinking of^^, the one i mean is a german comic, so i would have been very suprised if you knew it.^^

vandulocity: well yes, that would be somewhat surprising

vandulocity: back in minute, more tea is required...


ravelqueen: haha, well still think my sadly lacking talent could muck that up, but maybe some of the other ladies?

Azz: heeee:

vandulocity: if it's funny when you dont even speak the language, you have a winner :D

ravelqueen: that is the one i was talking about!^^

ravelqueen: and its extremely funny

Azz: OMG it is?!

ravelqueen: jep and it has dinos, just none with party hats im afraid...

vandulocity: !!

vandulocity: wow, the chatroom-hivemind-weirdness strikes yet again

ravelqueen: just dino doctors, and dino-newspapersellers and dino-policeman...

ravelqueen: haha

vandulocity: awesome

ravelqueen: the text for the one you linked means btw. meeting of the anonym alcoholics (just the last word he cant get to write right^^)


Azz: I'm still blinking and staring at the screen over here. I really didn't expect to actually find it.

ravelqueen: i think you will like that one^^

ravelqueen: text means: wait, does that mean we ALL became gay?!

Playwithfyr: (:

Azz: heeee

vandulocity: ahahaha

ravelqueen: jep its a whole comic book full of that kind of humour....which is why its called nicht lustig - not funny


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