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Most-visited pages, a meme:

Many modern browsers will tell you where you've been the most. I took a look at my numbers after this started going around my friendslist (mostly in Support). I now share with you my findings. (I have become attached to "findings" as a word since the allsorts incident.)

Firefox, being a good little browser but neither telepathic nor human, has several variants of the same site in my top visited list. I have therefore combined entries to get a better picture of what I do.

gmail 4241+ 1456 + 648 +351 + 222 + 212

This is my number one email. I switched to gmail from yahoo some years ago when yahoo was throwing a shitfit and had classified LJ's comment notifications as spam (yet again). I have been very happy with it, and while I would like it to also stand on its head and do tricks, I am very attached to it.

LJ talkpost_do.bml 1992

Visiting this page directly will, of course, give you an error, but it's the page that one sees after making a comment from the reply page, before bouncing you back to whatever comment/thread view. This does not include comments made in the quickreply.

DW talkpost_do.bml 1147

I've been chatty on Dreamwidth, too.

LJ friends 866 + 236 + 159 + 120 + 96 + 72

This includes ?skip=20, 40, 60, 80, and 100. Y'all are a chatty lot. And unlike certain Mr. He Went Thattaways that I could mention, I read my friends page.

DW read 351 + 103 + 74

I also read people on Dreamwidth.

Twitter 266 + 225

Uh, yeah, I've been on Twitter a lot. This does not include, by the way, twitter clients like Twitterfox and Tweetdeck, both of which I use. I added Tweetdeck so I could sort out the folks I'm following because I know you from news and entertainment types of things that I'm following. The switch was incredibly timely given the recent election in Iran and associated events.

My LJ 249

Perhaps it's narcissistic to read myself, but hey, I do. Plus it refreshes my memory about what the hell I've been up to.

LJ edittags.bml 216

I can pin this one directly on suggestions. I am a tagging fool.

My DW 170

Again, slightly narcissistic, but I'm a writer. That's sometimes what we do.

Suggestions 120

Hooray Suggestions! <3 This would be more, except I do have the habit of doing knowing that it'll redirect rather than going to

My Twitter 104

Again with the narcissistic, but more with the "wait, when did I write that?" and also with the "wait, who was I talking to and what did they say?" and occasionally with the "wait, what day did the Chocolate Penis Incident start?"

Google calendar

There's a Google calendar that I update about my sleeping patterns. It's actually quite useful. My sleeping patterns also suck. Today, I did manage to conk out properly and thoroughly, despite the fact that there was random but sustained pounding going on near me, on one or more of three possible surfaces connected to my apartment: the ceiling of the garage below me (my floor), the wall of the neighboring apartment (my wall), and the floor of the upstairs apartment (my ceiling). Unfortunately, it was at a very inconvenient time of day, and I missed the demonstration that I had been planning to attend, to my regret.

DW update.bml

I chatter a lot.

Suggestions community moderation

I love Suggestions. Suggestions has some of the most interesting content on LiveJournal. It ranges from technical brilliance to utter technical naiveté. That's just the ones that make it through the moderation process. Many suggestions do make it through; it's just that for every suggestion that makes it through, there's at least one that doesn't belong there at all, has been suggested before, or is someone who got lost on their way to the support department. This means that I hit the moderation queue a lot.

DW spamreports.bml

I am a co-leader of Dreamwidth's anti-spam team. (On LJ, Abuse handles spam too, in a large part since LJ gets bot accounts spamming in addition to anonymous comment spam.) This means I hit the spam reports.

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