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Azure Jane Lunatic

lights on the moon (a dream)

So I dreamed.

Underwater photography -- there was a great big cruise ship docked near the shore, and people were swimming around and I had a camera or something, and there was a flag on the ship with all sorts of flags on it, going from an international one to a national and state one, and below that things like the skirt of Draco Malfoy, and other essential fandom properties.

Said essential fandom properties were the property of D, who began taking them down from the line and stuffing them in a laundry sack (a nice heavy-duty naval laundry sack of canvas with grommets and rope and about human-sized) in preparation to go ashore.

Going ashore evidently meant flinging the laundry sack off the side of the boat with a rope tether, and then going down a rope ladder into the sea (which was nice and warm). In the sea, I could look at the moon. From under water, I could see lights on the moon.

I flagged down someone (I knew them in the dream, and I am sure I knew them in real life somewhere in my past; it may have been my elementary schoolmate Galadriel?) and tried to point out this thing. It was not really pointable, but each time I went underwater it was getting more and more brilliantly lit up, with patterns sort of like a biohazard symbol. However, this may have been just a side effect from the water and my binocular vision. I had a digital camera that I had been using on the foliage at the water's edge (from in the water) but I could not take it underwater. I begged my companion's camera, which was film, and tried to snap the moon from under the water, but it was not showing up so well, and the angle was wrong due to the changing time of day. I was frustrated, but OMG, it was gorgeous, and I wondered what/who was on the moon -- not so much OMG ALIENS or OMG COLONISTS but I DID NOT THINK THAT WE WERE UP THERE YET IN SUCH LARGE NUMBERS?!

The scene shifted, and I was trying to take photographs of plants and such, seemingly-casual shots that were part of a larger session, with a couple and perhaps berries? or were they flowers? In any case, their hands and the plants and their faces and all such lovely artlessly artful moments.

And that shifted into a street corner (near the shore) and this gang headed up by Shawn (the high school best friend, not to be confused with my current best friend) was leading a crew, and I dropped back into the Shawn's-Secretary position I'd held so many years, and we went to a Halloween shop for proper makeup, decorations, and costuming, and somehow the shopkeeper and Shawn decided that they wanted to see me in a blonde wig, blonde like Joni Mitchell, but there were no wigs of that sort, just white and yellow. So I wound up wearing a blue wig (it was a string wig, of fine navy blue string) and it looked awesome on me, almost indistinguishable from my own hair (in the dream) except blue, like my hair was streaked, not like I was wearing a wig.

I'm sure there were other bits after this, but that's all I can remember at this point.

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