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Farmers' market. Awesome.

Awkwardness with aunt, but I think we are patched up.

Afternoon spent mostly preparing for the vigil, and also Twitter nearly went down, and LiveJournal did indeed go down, because Michael Jackson died (may he find what he was looking for) and ohnotheydidnt went crazy and had to get suspended again so the site could stabilize.

(Also, given that LiveJournal could probably take down Slashdot at this point, particularly if ontd got on it, I am really not impressed with the people who say that LJ should be ready to handle the full force that is ontd in the face of some world-changing crisis like A POP STAR dying. This is not a usual case, ontd is not a usual comm, and a less-tolerant site probably would have given the "you're too successful for us" kiss-off years ago.)

There was also the "efforting" moment. Which was kind of special.

[15:27] dream: BBC website is also all "in hospital, unconfirmed death reports"
[15:27] john: ..."CNN Is efforting to confirm this"
[15:27] john: BITCH THAT IS NOT A WORD
[15:27] kat_fw: CNN is verbing that noun!
[15:27] niq|VIDDING: ...dude, I am generally okay with abuse of english. but omg, whut.
[15:27] john: I will verb them in the ass.
[15:27] ysobel: efforting wtf
[15:27] Azz: EFFORTING
[15:28] amaliedageek: EFFORTING????
[15:28] * kat_fw is efforting not to weep
[15:28] teshi|mobile: efforting? I have lost all remaining faith in them. =P
[15:28] * phoenix snerks at john!
[15:28] Azz: mental palate cleanser from else-server:
[15:28] JD: EFFORTING hahahah
[15:28] Azz: (not a rickroll)
[15:29] ysobel: no, no: you are unfaithed!
[15:29] teshi|mobile: oh, right.
[15:29] teshi|mobile: lol
[15:29] Azz: cnn has unfaithed you.
[15:29] JD: we shall efforting to restore your faith
[15:29] teshi|mobile: o.O
[15:30] niq|VIDDING: no, no, we are efforting to refaith teshi
[15:30] JD: what <_<
[15:31] * kat_fw watches Jarvis Cocker's stage invasion
[15:32] niq|VIDDING: refaithfy? faith up? i dunno. clearly 'restore your faith' is far too grammatically correct english, tho.
[15:32] *** Skud ( has joined #dw.
[15:32] niq|VIDDING: altho, um, faithing someone up sounds faintly obscene
[15:32] niq|VIDDING: HI SKUD
[15:32] wychwood: speaking of which, hi, skud!
[15:33] JD: don't worry, niq, i'll do it to him for you.
[15:34] niq|VIDDING: aw, thank you JD!

[Vorkosigan chatter]

[15:38] Azz: restorate!
[15:39] Azz: efforting to restorate teshi's faithness are us.
[15:40] teshi|mobile: I don't know any of you. >.>
[15:40] ysobel: heeee
[15:40] phoenix: but we know youuuu
[15:41] amaliedageek: then who was at my house the other day? :-)
[15:41] teshi|mobile: lol
[15:41] JD: <_<_

After a goodly amount of time, I headed off to the vigil. (Oh, and learned that when JD and Ryan were coming for the Pride weekend, that was *this* weekend, and suddenly details hadn't been worked out.) The vigil was in Union Square, which is up a bit of a hill from BART. This proved painful. I got there in any case, and made myself useful and helpful with the ladies that I recognized from last time, who turned out to be with Amnesty. Oho!

This time I had brought scissors, and any number of other useful things that proved to be useful. There was stuff, and an attempt at a tea light circle, and lots of candles in cups, and lots of candles.

Az showed up, pretty much straight from work, bearing more cups (yay!) and happiness was had.

There were speeches, and poems, and chanting, and shouting. Democracy. I got a few photos. I wish I had gotten a photo of one of the toddlers with his face smushed up against one of the green balloons, trying to chew on it, as it was the most adorable thing on earth.

We headed back for transit after collecting ourselves together. I still have many candles. We were trying to get out of there before it got weird. I was walking slow because my endurance is still crap; Az had to get back to her place with a decent amount of urgency. This was not the best combination in the world, as it seemed that an imp of the perverse descended upon my trip through Powell Street Station. The elevator down to train level is not for people who do not have passes, it seems. We did not count on the part where the gates nearest that elevator/end do not have coin slots, and there was no attendant. The other end of the station is a mighty long way. I managed to purse-dial Durandal, who called back in some concern; this of course spiked my angst-meter. Of course, the end of the station that has the coin turnstiles does not have a lift or an escalator, so there I was versus the stairs again. I was in a bad way by the time I got down to the platform level, and Az was in a bad way wondering how I had managed to disappear. We got a train, though, and its doors managed to freak me out again (me + crowds = not the best) and I got a chance to sit down and recharge. It wasn't quite low blood sugar; that has a different set of malfunctions. This was just my endurance being run down at the same time as I was overdrawing my energy for the moment, with some pain on top of that. The cure for this is happily just some downtime until I bounce back.

Switching trains was a new joy, but fortunately I'd had enough of a recharge to hustle.

We got in touch with JD, and Az arranged that they should meet us at her place, as she didn't quite like the look of me or the thought of me going home unattended. I got quick directions as it became apparent that the train change had sucked the last of what I had, and Az went on ahead, and a good thing too, as I was very slow and had trouble with the hill.

The guys arrived, and more fun commenced. Pizza occurred. I was without a computer, but that was OK, since I was still low-energy, and there were computers enough all around. It also seems that userdoc is becoming one of the new party departments, since any meeting up of sufficient numbers of userdoc seniors results in a locus of instant fun that gets broadcast in mediums such as Twitter as well as LJ and IRC and occasionally old-fashioned IM. The phrase "So married!" came up quite a bit. It has been established that references to the colors affair can crack Ryan up. I took a gander at some stuff and generally went PLEH PLEH PLEH a lot, because um wow. I promptly earwormed myself with songs in languages that I don't actually speak (a song from the vigil, and then Boten Anna, which Az needs to see.) (JD needs to see Little Boxes.) DEATH BY SUBURBIA.

We called it off slightly before midnight, and we repaired back to BART. I was going slower than ever.

Home involved a few rounds with the dryer, general hilarity, and working out sleeping arrangements. My apartment has, like, no furniture. This is not generally a problem. They're getting the loveseat and I'm getting the floor.

Now! Bedtime!

The Vorkosigan chatter:

[15:35] phoenix: oh, the bookshop gave me a beautiful treat today: a whole armload of vorkosigan books ^_^
[15:35] ysobel: oooh
[15:35] niq|VIDDING: phoenix: ooo
[15:35] phoenix: falling free, a civil campaign, cetaganda, brothers in arms
[15:35] amaliedageek: hi skud! nice fic you made :-)
[15:36] wychwood: phoenix: woo, awesome!
[15:37] wychwood: you can read falling free whenever you want, so long as it's before diplomatic immunity, incidentally
[15:37] wychwood: although it's one of the weaker ones
[15:37] * Sophie :(s at the news about Michael Jackson.
[15:38] Azz: Read Falling Free, then listen to Echo's Children's song of the same title
[15:38] phoenix: don't have diplomatic immunity, so that seems easy to do :)
[15:38] Azz: that song makes me cry without fail

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