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Notice: this is not a recs post. A recs post would a) have some more information along with the links, b) imply some endorsement other than the fact that these fell off the tree on my reading list, c) imply that I've *read* them.

Also, the average person these days may tend to assume that all computers are magical, and every competent geek who runs into a computer that they want information off of can, without incurring much expense and/or time investment, have access to military-grade tools for recovering deleted shit of the type that would be used against computers that have precautions taken against attack by spies.

Simultaneously, of course, computers develop mysterious errors and die and there's no way that anything from a computer that's bricked from the loss of any component can be recovered. How tragic. (entertaining star trek meta) (this is a bit of a rec)

(okay, having now read my dw reading page for the first time in 48 hours, with the exception of the things I plan to read above, time to fall the fuck over in bed.)

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