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Questions Answered

Goodness gracious, but do I love Google Analytics. I see that occasionally search engines are bringing people to my journal! Sometimes it does not seem as if my journal answers these questions. I shall endeavor to answer some of them!

Crossposting from LiveJournal to Dreamwidth

This phrasing seems to have come up -- a more useful one might be "crossposting between LiveJournal and Dreamwidth". It is difficult to crosspost putting LiveJournal first and have your entries be useful on both sites.

You can:

Cross-post manually
Cross-post through Dreamwidth
Cross-post through a client
Post to LiveJournal, then import (people who read you on Dreamwidth won't see your posts on their reading page)
Post at one site, then have everybody on the other site read a syndicated feed of your entries (public only at this time, unless you're using an RSS reader that authenticates)

Cross-posting manually means, of course, composing your entry in whatever place you want to compose it (I actually like Notepad some of the time), then copying and pasting it into whatever you use to update each site.

Advantages: full control (including passwords)
Disadvantages: Edits have to be done manually on both sites, there's no automatic linking between sites, and there's a lot of copying and pasting

Cross-posting through Dreamwidth:
The cross-post settings that one sets on the Other Sites page only applies to updates made through the update page at this time, not through any other client (Semagic, LoudTwitter, post by e-mail, through Google Documents, or anything else that is not the update page). (Keep an eye on [info - community]dw_news for updates on when this changes.) If you plan to use not-the-update-page and use Dreamwidth's built-in crossposter, at this time you have to post first, then edit and have the post created.

Advantages: convenience, editing the Dreamwidth copy will edit the LJ copy (or create one if it isn't there), the crossposter can auto-link back if you choose to disable comments
Disadvantages: requires giving Dreamwidth your LJ password, doesn't work with clients at this time (this will change in the future), crossposter and importer aren't talking yet (can lead to duplicate entries), editing from DW can destroy edits made on LJ, deleting from DW can delete from LJ, incorrect time value funtimes causing a crosspost to fail if you have updated at LJ first.

Cross-posting from a client:
There are a number of clients you can use to post to Dreamwidth. Some of them also allow crossposting. As more clients are written to include Dreamwidth, cross-posting between sites is likely to become an option in these clients. However, if your client does not tell you that it is cross-posting, or if you did not set up cross-posting in your client, at this time your client is most likely not doing that.

Advantages: You retain control of your passwords & other things.
Disadvantages: Edits have to be done twice, you may not have a client you like for your OS, you do have to download most of the clients so they may not be available on not-your-regular-computer

Post to LiveJournal, then import:
If you do not have anyone reading you on Dreamwidth, or you are solely using your journal there as a backup, this may be the one for you. You can use the importer to grab a full copy of your journal plus comments (if you want) off another supported site.

Advantages: One-time password entry (not saved), actually a pretty awesome backup job
Disadvantages: Doesn't help if people are trying to read you on their Dreamwidth reading pages, some of your commenters may not want to be backed up on Dreamwidth (and the tool to help them isn't built yet), does involve your password from another service, isn't real-time, can take a while when the system is under load.

Post at one site, syndicate:
So maybe you've found a happy home at the journaling site of your preference, but you don't want your friends/readers on other sites to lose track of you. That's OK!
Dreamwidth journal data feed and LiveJournal syndicated account creation (scroll all the way down; if you're not paid, ask a paid friend to do it for you), and Dreamwidth OpenID sign-in and help so they can comment.
LiveJournal data feed and Dreamwidth syndicated account creation, and LiveJournal OpenID sign-in and help so they can comment.

Advantages: everyone's using the journal site of their choice to write and the identity of their choice to comment, not having to think up a new password for another site
Disadvantages: Some people can't be bothered, at this time locked stuff is hard and therefore doesn't happen on a friends page (so you're out of luck if you're friends-only), you do need to give your friends the name of the syndicated journal you created

How do you link to a Dreamwidth username on LiveJournal?

Two ways.

Are you cross-posting using Dreamwidth's crossposter? Easy. Just type in <user name="example-dw-user">, and the crossposter is smart enough to make it happen on LiveJournal all nice and pretty (and point it to Dreamwidth, not point to the user of the same name on LiveJournal).

Are you posting to LiveJournal directly (or directly through a client)? Not quite so easy. Have some nice HTML; substitute the relevant username where appropriate (there are a couple places). This HTML, by the way, is what the crossposter spits out. (Remember: don't shove this in the RTE, as it will come out ugly.)

<span lj:user='example-dw-user' style='white-space: nowrap;'><a href='http://example-dw-user.dreamwidth.org/profile'><img src='http://s.dreamwidth.org/img/silk/identity/user.png' alt='[info - personal]' width='17' height='17' style='vertical-align: bottom; border: 0; padding-right: 1px;' /></a><a href='http://example-dw-user.dreamwidth.org/'><b>example-dw-user</b></a></span>

If you're looking for codes to create a Dreamwidth account, check out [info - community]dw_codesharing. Some people occasionally post codes in dreamwidth; some other people sometimes toss them to the winds on Twitter.

Then there are my older and much-linked-about entries Similarities and Differences between LiveJournal and Dreamwidth (that I have noticed so far) and Dreamwidth OpenID and You (How Much for Just the OpenID?), in which I ramble on at some length, and betray my love for parenthetical statements in entry titles, and show exactly how much of a Classic Trek geek I really am.

The big-eyed alien from the new Star Trek movie, the cute little guy who hangs out with Scotty, is named Keenser.

[info - community]singularity, [info - community]ncc_1701, and st_xi_kink all have vast quantities of Star Trek Reboot fanfic. I share my real time fic recs and much much more on Twitter. I archive my Twitter on LiveJournal. I try to tag my fic recs, but it doesn't always happen, particularly when it's twitter posts. See the journals of [info - personal]synecdochic and [info - personal]ivorygates for their writings. Fear death by fanfic.
Gone away, gone ahead,
Echoes roll unanswered.
Empty, open, dusty, dead.
Why have all the Weyrfolk fled?

Where have dragons gone together
Leaving weyrs to wind and weather,
Setting herdbeasts free of tether;
Gone, our safeguards, gone, but whither?

Have they flown to some new weyr
Where cruel Threads some others fear?
Are they worlds away from here?
Why, oh why the empty weyr?

-- "The Question Song", Anne McCaffrey
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