Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

moments of wtf (old), with links that have fascinating discussion.

Once upon a time I got into a screaming argument with a crazy lady at a bus stop, who was screaming over her shoulder about some "fucking faggot". I took umbrage at this and proceeded to tell her about her inappropriate word choice (the words "homophobic bitch" may have been involved). She didn't take kindly to this; I didn't take kindly to that. Fortunately someone's bus came before the incident escalated further.

When she was hired on at my workplace a week later, we did have a chance to talk about that incident. After we cleared up our differences, we got along pretty well.

This moment of bizarre reminiscence was brought to you courtesy of a discussion about when and how to voluntarily purge ableist language from one's own vocabulary (after one has come to the reasoned conclusion that a certain word must go) by replacing it with words that more clearly convey the intent without the skeevy ableist overtones. (Link via boojum)

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