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IRC goes from bad to worse.

[17:20] Azz: Today I cautioned Cassandra Clare's teenage girl fanbase against using TMI as a hashtag for the party for The Mortal Instruments series. I think that was one of my good works for the day.
[17:20] trixieleitz: Good for whom? ;)
[17:20] ryan: There's this thread at my college's version of facebook/myspace about Harry Potter, and it suddenly became about Twilight because apparently EVERY HP fan also hearts Edward Cullen. >:|
[17:21] trixieleitz: There's a Firefly fanfic label thingummy which is CSI
[17:21] Azz: both the fangirls, and, well, http://twitter.com/ArtWalker/statuses/2537075772
[17:21] trixieleitz: oh, no, HP is classic boarding school fic, Twilight is '80s teen romance
[17:21] remark: ryan, that's because every HP fan is really a cedric fan. after GoF, there's no need to continue being a HP fan
[17:21] trixieleitz: completely different genres
[17:22] trixieleitz: CSI being "crazy space incest", and if you know the show I don't think I need to develop that line of thought any further for you
[17:23] trixieleitz: but it has nothing to do with any forensic procedural drama franchises
[17:23] Azz: .... hahaha oh River
[17:24] remark: okay. I got another iPod piece in the mail. hard drive ribbon cable
[17:24] trixieleitz: we love her, but we have reservations about power imbablances
[17:25] trixieleitz: ...and we're not sure in which direction the imbalance points
[17:25] remark: installing this is my biggest liability yet for bricking the iPod
[17:25] Azz: I have reservations like "she's crazy" and "her brother isn't that much of a mental health prize himself"
[17:25] trixieleitz: True
[17:25] Azz: and "three crazies do not make a sane"
[17:25] remark: do they award prizes for mental health?
[17:25] trixieleitz: He seems a little divorced from the reality of his current situation
[17:26] trixieleitz: Certificates
[17:26] trixieleitz: "Get out of the psych ward free" cards
[17:26] remark: you haev won a priez! it is some sane
[17:26] Azz: remark, what are you doing in my head?
[17:26] * Azz shoos
[17:26] trixieleitz: can I exchange it for a ponie?
[17:26] * trixieleitz offers the firehose
[17:27] Azz: hashtags I did not need to see: #washthatyak
[17:27] legojen: ...
[17:27] trixieleitz: deffo needing the firehose, then
[17:27] legojen: beats #fuckthatyak?
[17:27] Azz: ...
[17:27] Azz: y
[17:28] legojen: silver lining and all
[17:28] trixieleitz: ...and the steel wool, and the bleach
[17:28] legojen: :D
[17:28] trixieleitz: I nearly said steel wookie
[17:28] remark: STEEL WOOKIE
[17:28] Azz: you're just exacting revenge for that link [editor's note: this is in reference to a link that norabombay passed to me; I passed the love along in a private message some days ago]
[17:28] sonneta: hahaha steel wookie
[17:28] trixieleitz: OMG DUN STEEL the WOOKIE
[17:28] remark: I sense a nerdmetal band
[17:28] sonneta: no no it's like an android
[17:28] Azz: well, if you're going to #fuckthatyak, you'd better #washthatyak first
[17:28] sonneta: version of a wookie
[17:28] Azz: #backthatyakup
[17:28] remark: ....
[17:29] remark: #yakitysex
[17:29] Azz: #laughingsohardicantbreathe
[17:30] * trixieleitz googles
[17:30] remark: #hopeudonthaveanthryax
[17:30] trixieleitz: Um, guys, possibly NSFW: http://www.gccforums.net/forums/viewtopic.php?p=3133&sid=45b5f2f6294c40244d183b8899b98b7e#3133
[Hammond arrives]
[17:30] remark: nsfw is how I know it's worth clicking
[17:30] trixieleitz: :P
[17:31] trixieleitz: In that case, you may find it disappointing
[17:31] legojen: nsfw is an incentive around here
[17:31] Azz: (or, when remark says it, sfw)
[17:32] remark: foad
[17:32] Azz: <3
[17:32] trixieleitz: I would say psychedelic blinking ponies are nsfw, because they draw your boss's attention to the fact that what is on your screen is not work
[17:32] Azz: ohhhhh
[17:32] trixieleitz: ..by drawing your boss' attention to your screen, full stop
[17:32] Azz: have you seen it yet?
[17:32] trixieleitz: Hi, Hammond!
[17:33] Hammond: Hiya!
[17:33] trixieleitz: You still need a word?
[17:33] Azz: (don't click this if you have seizures.) (or are at work.) http://omg-a-surprise.livejournal.com/
[17:33] remark: or live near an airport
[17:34] trixieleitz: Oh, I think I made that mistake a while ago....
[17:34] Hammond: Sort of, lemme bring up the request and PM you,.
[17:34] * trixieleitz nods
[17:34] dream: if you do not have seizures, you might anyway after clicking it.
[17:34] sonneta: journals like that almost make me wish I used persistent style=mine
[17:34] trixieleitz: I like my eyeballs not bleeding, yes
[17:35] remark: you have too much blood. either stare into the blinkitude, or get ready for leeches
[17:36] Azz: (also, it seems that it got hit by spammerbots, if the owner is still around)
[17:36] remark: isn't that kama?
[17:37] ryan: http://community.livejournal.com/ashleighannexo/ is probably worse. Just so you know
[17:37] av8rmike: yikes
[17:37] Azz: ow
Gone away, gone ahead,
Echoes roll unanswered.
Empty, open, dusty, dead.
Why have all the Weyrfolk fled?

Where have dragons gone together
Leaving weyrs to wind and weather,
Setting herdbeasts free of tether;
Gone, our safeguards, gone, but whither?

Have they flown to some new weyr
Where cruel Threads some others fear?
Are they worlds away from here?
Why, oh why the empty weyr?

-- "The Question Song", Anne McCaffrey
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