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IRC goes from bad to worse.

[17:20] Azz: Today I cautioned Cassandra Clare's teenage girl fanbase against using TMI as a hashtag for the party for The Mortal Instruments series. I think that was one of my good works for the day.
[17:20] trixieleitz: Good for whom? ;)
[17:20] ryan: There's this thread at my college's version of facebook/myspace about Harry Potter, and it suddenly became about Twilight because apparently EVERY HP fan also hearts Edward Cullen. >:|
[17:21] trixieleitz: There's a Firefly fanfic label thingummy which is CSI
[17:21] Azz: both the fangirls, and, well,
[17:21] trixieleitz: oh, no, HP is classic boarding school fic, Twilight is '80s teen romance
[17:21] remark: ryan, that's because every HP fan is really a cedric fan. after GoF, there's no need to continue being a HP fan
[17:21] trixieleitz: completely different genres
[17:22] trixieleitz: CSI being "crazy space incest", and if you know the show I don't think I need to develop that line of thought any further for you
[17:23] trixieleitz: but it has nothing to do with any forensic procedural drama franchises
[17:23] Azz: .... hahaha oh River
[17:24] remark: okay. I got another iPod piece in the mail. hard drive ribbon cable
[17:24] trixieleitz: we love her, but we have reservations about power imbablances
[17:25] trixieleitz: ...and we're not sure in which direction the imbalance points
[17:25] remark: installing this is my biggest liability yet for bricking the iPod
[17:25] Azz: I have reservations like "she's crazy" and "her brother isn't that much of a mental health prize himself"
[17:25] trixieleitz: True
[17:25] Azz: and "three crazies do not make a sane"
[17:25] remark: do they award prizes for mental health?
[17:25] trixieleitz: He seems a little divorced from the reality of his current situation
[17:26] trixieleitz: Certificates
[17:26] trixieleitz: "Get out of the psych ward free" cards
[17:26] remark: you haev won a priez! it is some sane
[17:26] Azz: remark, what are you doing in my head?
[17:26] * Azz shoos
[17:26] trixieleitz: can I exchange it for a ponie?
[17:26] * trixieleitz offers the firehose
[17:27] Azz: hashtags I did not need to see: #washthatyak
[17:27] legojen: ...
[17:27] trixieleitz: deffo needing the firehose, then
[17:27] legojen: beats #fuckthatyak?
[17:27] Azz: ...
[17:27] Azz: y
[17:28] legojen: silver lining and all
[17:28] trixieleitz: ...and the steel wool, and the bleach
[17:28] legojen: :D
[17:28] trixieleitz: I nearly said steel wookie
[17:28] remark: STEEL WOOKIE
[17:28] Azz: you're just exacting revenge for that link [editor's note: this is in reference to a link that norabombay passed to me; I passed the love along in a private message some days ago]
[17:28] sonneta: hahaha steel wookie
[17:28] trixieleitz: OMG DUN STEEL the WOOKIE
[17:28] remark: I sense a nerdmetal band
[17:28] sonneta: no no it's like an android
[17:28] Azz: well, if you're going to #fuckthatyak, you'd better #washthatyak first
[17:28] sonneta: version of a wookie
[17:28] Azz: #backthatyakup
[17:28] remark: ....
[17:29] remark: #yakitysex
[17:29] Azz: #laughingsohardicantbreathe
[17:30] * trixieleitz googles
[17:30] remark: #hopeudonthaveanthryax
[17:30] trixieleitz: Um, guys, possibly NSFW:
[Hammond arrives]
[17:30] remark: nsfw is how I know it's worth clicking
[17:30] trixieleitz: :P
[17:31] trixieleitz: In that case, you may find it disappointing
[17:31] legojen: nsfw is an incentive around here
[17:31] Azz: (or, when remark says it, sfw)
[17:32] remark: foad
[17:32] Azz: <3
[17:32] trixieleitz: I would say psychedelic blinking ponies are nsfw, because they draw your boss's attention to the fact that what is on your screen is not work
[17:32] Azz: ohhhhh
[17:32] trixieleitz: drawing your boss' attention to your screen, full stop
[17:32] Azz: have you seen it yet?
[17:32] trixieleitz: Hi, Hammond!
[17:33] Hammond: Hiya!
[17:33] trixieleitz: You still need a word?
[17:33] Azz: (don't click this if you have seizures.) (or are at work.)
[17:33] remark: or live near an airport
[17:34] trixieleitz: Oh, I think I made that mistake a while ago....
[17:34] Hammond: Sort of, lemme bring up the request and PM you,.
[17:34] * trixieleitz nods
[17:34] dream: if you do not have seizures, you might anyway after clicking it.
[17:34] sonneta: journals like that almost make me wish I used persistent style=mine
[17:34] trixieleitz: I like my eyeballs not bleeding, yes
[17:35] remark: you have too much blood. either stare into the blinkitude, or get ready for leeches
[17:36] Azz: (also, it seems that it got hit by spammerbots, if the owner is still around)
[17:36] remark: isn't that kama?
[17:37] ryan: is probably worse. Just so you know
[17:37] av8rmike: yikes
[17:37] Azz: ow

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