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Brain hijacked, check back later.

So earlier on [info - personal] fairlight got introduced to HoneyHoney's song "My Little Toy Gun". Around the same time, [info - personal] sol_ar pointed me at Scissor Sisters "I Can't Decide".

Neither of these songs are nice. In fact, the latter has distinctly NSFW lyrics. Violence in both, and bad language with general crudity in "I Can't Decide".

Somehow, both of them have wound up on a playlist for an as-yet unnamed character (probably male) in an as-yet nonexistent book.

"I Can't Decide" in particular hits some of my potential music kinks: I believe I can identify banjo, accordion, piano, mouth harp, kazoo, along with cheerful lyrics about a dreadful topic. I don't think I've ever loved a song like this quite this much.

I have got to hit bed, but I think part of tomorrow is going to be devoted to scribbling down things about whoever the fuck this character actually happens to be.

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