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Summary of the day: madness, movie, party.

I wasn't able to get to sleep as soon as I would have liked. This led to less sleep than I would have liked. Teshypants, the lucky fellow, conked right out cold pretty fast (and slept longer than I did).

We got on the road a little later than I was planning on, and I wasn't actually able to locate candied pineapple at Trader Joe's. We picked up [info - personal] tiferet. I am still not used to city driving, and that slowed us down a bit more.

It turned out that both [info - personal] tiferet and I had "I Can't Decide" stuck in our heads for the past day. (Not entirely surprising, actually.) I described my woes in attempting to pin down the character that was responding to the song in my head when suddenly something clicked. I shared. teshiron looked at us like we were both mental.

Picture, if you will, a small, animated Severus Snape with a manic grin instead of his usual dour expression, bouncing about through some nebulous landscape, debating about the best way to do away with Dumbledore in song form. Yes. Snape, singing "I Can't Decide".

This bit of memetic insanity spread its way through at least the two of us relatively intact, to the point where we can trigger it in each other by making a boinging gesture with a finger.

Despite the late start, and arriving not entirely in a timely or organized fashion, and despite not either of us having our confirmation numbers, we got into the theatre safe and sound, meeting up with JD. I walked in just as the beginning credits were beginning to cred. I enjoyed it completely. Given the crowd (well, lack of crowd in theatre, but the party present there) there were assorted comments whispered back and forth, including the boing-boing-boing.

This is not the entry for gleecaps or critical feedback. That may come when my brain isn't boring a hole through my tired skull, and potentially also when Snape is not looking with longing at the Hogwarts lake (complete with giant squid!) while dancing. (Also? It's not actually a Potter Puppet Pals Snape; it's Snape as animated by Dido. Of course.)

Much-cheered, we repaired in the direction of the party, with the faithful assistance of Riddle the satnav.

We were the first to arrive at Casa Smith/Proulx. We immediately met three out of four possible dogs, all wearing the most adorable little bandannas with the Dreamwidth 'd' logo. There were pink and red balloons (I suppose it is hard to get dilute red balloons instead of pink; I didn't notice that it was supposed to be in the Dreamwidth colors until JD pointed it out, because I don't parse the lighter of the default Dreamwidth colors as pink at all, and the balloons were unabashedly pink).

Item: At a geek party, unless the password of the wireless is a Big Secret, it helps to have a sign up with the SSID and key, to help with the obvious questions like "What's the password?" and "Is that all lower-case?" (This suggestion was quickly implemented in what looked like the handwriting of [info - personal] jproulx.)

Item: I am immune to canine begging due to Deacon and Dazzle (black lab and blue standard poodle, respectively, both medical washouts from guide dog training, and belonging to my aunt). Trigger, Rommel, Logan, and Fudge tried their doggy wiles on the cheese and crackers and so forth, but I was not a receptive audience.

People arrived, both under their own steam and with relays, mostly by Mark.

At MissKat's ([info - personal] zarhooie) nudging from the internet, I set up a Dailybooth account dedicated to the party, dw_party, snapped an inaugural shot of Logan in her bandanna, and then passed my Eee around for people to get snaps of themselves. Some people did, some people did not (there was a lot of filtering in/out/around).

Trigger the tiny little dog started playing volleyball with the balloons. I have video. I will upload it places later.

tupshin had mentioned he was coming; we texted him to remind him to show. He did. There was great glee, and assorted hasslement of [info - personal] patti and [info - personal] iseebi commenced. (Oh, and Patti showed up, another object of great glee and evidently a bet and/or payoff.)

Item: The sexual practice "figging" does not involve figs.

There was sufficient broccoli. There were hamburgers, hotdogs, and suchlike. There was extensive booze, and also extensive caffeine.

There was gossip and shop talk. There is always gossip and shop talk. [info - community] beginningcocks is also a hilarious concept, particularly when we have to describe the game lube/not lube.

Item: Doing anti-spam reports is of a sufficiently repetitive and soothing nature at a party as to warrant the description "mental crocheting".

Spammers are universally hated. The concept "fuck spammers" was aired; being that a crowd of assorted geeks is often a literal crowd, this came up. The question: what would one use for lube? (Suggested: contents from the not-lube list.) I suggested chili paste.

However, one would not fuck a spammer with one's own dick. (JD wanted to know this.) One would use one's emergency back-up dick. This would be a strap-on; one would be presumed able to discard it after fucking the spammer. "Oh, so you wouldn't have to worry about [lube] degrading the condom," JD said.

Tiger balm (red).
The question was evidently relayed; it came back with the answer "A latex condom and peanut oil -- and I'd hope they were allergic!"

D attempted to bribe Tupshin for some exchange or other. He demurred; D pulled out the Big Guns: aiming her puppydog eyes at him; I crossed my arms and stood in solidarity with her. This led to the sudden but inevitable scenario of Tupshin snapping a photo of D with the big eyes, conveniently backed by me in a pose that may be familiar to those who have been following my fight against the Rich Text Editor. Tupshin currently has the only copy of this photo.

There was an ice cream cake, which was not a lie, because [info - personal] janine's 25th birthday was that very day!

Tupshin had to leave before the party was over. It was very sad!

I got D!hugs, and to pet D's head, which is always good. D seems to be of the opinion that the Snape doing the "I Can't Decide" thing is hilarious and also I am a madwoman.

There was Rock Band. There is always Rock Band.

We called it a night a bit earlier than we might have otherwise, given that some people have to do things and be places tomorrow.

Item: ZQ!Spock needs to not join Snape in singing and dancing.
Item: At least when Spock and Snape are singing and dancing, it drowns out the OC who is not Nick or Mike (and not Nick from TDL either), and that can only be of the good.

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