Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Highlights of Azz's life since the 4th

One of my crazy former neighbors tried to kill his girlfriend in the hot tub. Allegedly.

Silliness with Sam with the moonfruit thing. (The silliness was more fun than the contest.)

My cousin and Drew were introduced. Scary!

Did semantic battle with @twitdone due to their application's shady twitter practices; at least now their support knows why I'm mad.

Attempted pie. Failed.


Mythbusters Gorn Cannon episode is a go.

Discovered that some twit was syndicating me (not generally a problem) without a linkback (problem) to provide content for an ad farm (big problem). Their host & registrar resolved the problem.


Delicious once again has real buttons for firefox. <3

I picked up a really disturbing little muse.

Saw new HP movie & went to DW party (emergency backup dick).

(The boys spent the night.)

Learned what happened 10 years ago when a lunar landing denialist ran into Buzz Aldrin.

Poodle shows an uncanny fascination for stairs.

Brad, in his dorm room, with BML.

Figured out important character development bit for Connie.

DW has search.

(The boys spent the night Friday night too.)

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