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Invalid form submission.

I left some fic open for too long and got an "Invalid Form Submission" error when I tried to post a comment last night. I'm used to that error. If I'm lucky, Firefox will have saved the comment. If I'm not lucky, it won't have. Either way, I'm used to hitting the back button, copying my comment if I'd not lost it, refreshing the page, then commenting again.

I'm usually pretty good about remembering how long I've had any given tab open, give or take a few days, so I usually don't ram into this too often. I can go a few weeks, in fact.

Last night, I prepared a comment, hit the submit button, then cringed at the sight of the familiar pa... wait.

Invalid form submission. You may have left the reply form open too long, or logged out since you opened the page. Please try posting again.

My comment was helpfully included in a box below the error message. The familiar, beloved error message from dear afuna's patch for Dreamwidth. It had been pulled upstream and quietly implemented.

I burst out in tears of sheer happiness. This. This is how it works.

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