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8 tweets for 2009-8-8

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Saturday, 0139: My head literally contains "words" that cannot be pronounced, only gestured or written. This is a weird concept to me as a reader.
  • Saturday, 0247: @amyty Some clients will let you update both (separately as far as twitter/fb are concerned, together as far as the client is concerned).
  • Saturday, 0247: *clonk* Bedtime.
  • Saturday, 1551: #dailybooth Towel and wet hair attacking of the queue
  • Saturday, 1825: There was some dude outside my door with some sort of nametag on a red lanyard and a folder. Decided to ignore him.
  • Saturday, 2011: "You'd think a monitor stapled to the inside of your uterus would be a pretty effective IUD." --me to @zarhooie about my fetal communication
  • Saturday, 2245: "sexually transmitted Mormon" (for the friend who used to be married to a Mormon, but who seems to be very cheerfully Pagan now.)
  • Saturday, 2330: @rynia ... wait, you read syne's stuff? *floored*

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