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The IMportance of Names

Azz|netbook: I am still contemplating the Importance of Magical Names Scene, as Mike needs a magical name even if I don't ever tell people what it is, and so does Connie but I will have to tell people what it is.

Azz|netbook: Mike's may be related to meteors, and must not include the word "fist".

Tria: Meteors...

Tria: Meteors...

Azz|netbook: He is kind of about the whole fire thing.

Tria: Cometus. Asterondarius. Meteoreous.

Azz|netbook: (and I <3 him so)

Tria: Hee. I am not very alive right now.

Azz|netbook: Cometface.

Tria: That is better than my suggestions.

Tria: The fruits of my labors:


Azz|netbook: I-Dance-Around-With-Fireballs-Up-My-Ass.


Azz|netbook: (maybe not)

Tria: (maybe sekkritly)

Azz|netbook: firedancer does not quiiite work.

Azz|netbook: nor does firefister.

Tria: snerk

Tria: I like that one. Has a nice ring to it.

Tria: If by ring you mean...

Azz|netbook: heh

Tria: :]

Tria: Well, if this is ever made publicly available, whether online or published,

Tria: you have ruined Mike for me. I will always think of him as Firefister.

Azz|netbook notes for when EV is reading chat history to not look up "ringpiece" even though it is English slang

Azz|netbook: heeeeeeeeeee

Tria: lulz.

Tria: Anywho, I must now depart for the night...

Tria: ...I mean the morning.

Tria: Yeah.

Tria: <3

Azz|netbook: goodnight!

Azz|netbook: morning!

Azz|netbook: may the fists of fire guide your way

Much Later:

Azz|netbook: Muahaha.

Azz|netbook: Mike has a name now.

Azz|netbook: It was inspired by

06:41 Azz|Eee rb, off-topic, Mike from Circle of Fire has a Magical Name now (insert woo-woo sounds as necessary)
06:42 Azz|Eee and it is *not* FireFister
06:42 Azz|Eee (one of the bad options one gets from combining a hobby of martial arts with a magical nature of fire)
06:42 rb (no, that's just the one everybody uses outside of Serious Work, right?)
06:43 rb What is it, Mike?
06:43 Azz|Eee shadowspark
06:43 *** JD is now known as JD|sleep
06:43 rb Ohhh! That's actually ... really appropriate. *blinks*
06:43 Azz|Eee someone mentioned the Death Star in channel here
06:43 Azz|Eee and then Rah mentioned it again
06:44 Azz|Eee and the Death Star *song* popped into my head
06:44 Azz|Eee
06:44 Azz|Eee and the "like a shadow on a spark" bit jumped out and waved at me
06:44 rb nodnods.
06:45 rb I was talking about Death Stars with Curiosity. Ones with smiley faces.
06:45 Azz|Eee yes! That was what Rah read in scrollback.
06:45 Azz|Eee So you are in part the inspiration!
06:46 Azz|Eee Now it just remains to get a name for Connie.
06:46 *** opal joined #dw
06:46 rb The Death Star idea was Curiosity's, I was just proposing that the DWians could hold a gathering on one and what it would be like.
06:46 rb Yay for being inspiring!
06:47 Azz|Eee I knew for a while that Mike's was going to be somehow fire-related.
06:47 Azz|Eee I think that Connie's is going to be stability/ground related.
06:47 rb Hmmmm.
06:47 Azz|Eee her name is, after all, Constance.
06:48 Azz|Eee It's a lot more tough to get a handle on her because she is so very much like me.
06:48 rb It'll come to you.
06:48 rb I'm thinking I should read from the start again

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